Scoble Jets From Microsoft - Signs of Further Decay of the Beast


Well Microsoft lost Robert Scoble, their star blogger, to a start up company called PodTech.


Ouch.... That's a PR

Ouch.... That's a PR disaster, regardless of his actual contribution. He's made some supportive comomets though.... I wonder how much M$ or their staff are bought in to PodTech at ;) ?

What i Podtech

so i clicked over to Podtech and spent ten minutes trying to work out what they do, and more importantly what they can do for me. If they are a vehicle for Scoble's ego: great job, guys. If they are a podcasting thingamebob: where the hell does it tell me. Has anybody noticed a new trend in web2 to create vanity websites that dont actually explain what they are about?

That's a carryover from Web

That's a carryover from Web 1.0, sorry to say. :)



About PodTech.netPodTech is

PodTech is a media company dedicated to podcasting. It is a producer, aggregator, and distributor of professional podcast content for audiences worldwide. Its media channels include PodTech News, PodTech InfoTalkā„¢ Network, and PodTech Sponsorship Network. PodTech has more than 15 corporate clients including Intel, Juniper, Yahoo, Symantec, and nVidia. The company was founded in 2005 and is based in Menlo Park, California

well one thing this is good

well one thing this is good for is that it will let everybody see if some a list blogger who had his a list position presumably due to being employed by something as big as MS will preserve this position after losing that employer (this is probably pretty much equal experience to MC leaving G and wonder how much interest people still have for him if that was to happen)

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