VC Funding for a Blog?


Perhaps I am being a bit thick here, but why would Om Malik need to take VC funding to flesh out his blog? To me that has to seem like one of the dumbest things any blogger could do.


Not as dumb as using your

Not as dumb as using your own money. He'll be drawing a salary from the VC's money while he works.

Nice one :)

I guess my philosphy is that

I guess my philosphy is that if I have enough passion to want to do it full time I would hate to give up equity.

I have had several

I have had several businesses and the ones which failed were the ones where the general manager was overpaid. Some people just think it's a cool thing to do, and aren't so passionate. They normal won't compromise on their take home pay and they will end up eating all the business' money supporting their lifestyle..

I'm more surprised anyone

I'm more surprised anyone would want to throw money at a blog. Where's the revenue? Ads? If he can't even support himself by ad revenue, that seems like a stupid investment indeed.

I think we would all be

I think we would all be surprised what VC's want to throw their money at :0)
I suspect threadwatch would get VC backing if it really wanted it. Do you?
How many VCs invest in what they deem to be savvy online businesses? A few I would imagine.

There are some VCs out there that will invest in the most unlikely ventures, but what if those ventures suddenly took off?

How ever in this particular case, I am a little perplexed and can only assume that the blog in question will in some way gain masses of publicity..Perhaps its all just a big PR stunt? The VC is probably a rich relative?

I thought about rich

I thought about rich relative too. How funny :)

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