Microsoft Unveils New Software for Designers


Microsoft has issued the first trial release of Microsoft Expression, a software suite for designers that will compete directly with Macromedia/Adobe products. Don Dodge explains:

* Expression Graphic Designer is a professional illustration, painting, and graphic designer for creating WYSIWYG Web graphics.
* Expression Interactive Designer is a professional tool for creating rich user interfaces for Web and Client applications. It seamlessly integrates with the Graphic Designer and Visual Studio.
* Expression Web Designer is a professional tool for creating sophisticated standards-based Web sites, using advanced CSS tools that create fully compliant XHTML code.

This still seems to follow Microsoft's successful pre-web business model of selling downloadable software, although Don Dodge says that Microsoft is "getting real serious about web based applications and hosted services."

According to the Microsoft Expression FAQ, these products will not be available on the Macintosh platform.


frontpage 2?

Can anyone say if this is a FrontPage 2.0 plus type of thing? I can't afford to download and test right now, I have to preserve what Windows stability I have left on this box. Also, how long until we see more incompatibilities between Adobe/macromedia products and Windows? ;-)

how long until we see more

how long until we see more incompatibilities between Adobe/macromedia products and Windows?

don dodge suggests it's already started:

Hmmm...I wonder if this is why Adobe asked Microsoft to remove the "Save as PDF" functionality from Microsoft Office 2007? Strange, since Adobe encouraged OpenOffice, StarOffice and others to include the PDF functionality.

Expression produces standards-based websites

"Microsoft® Expression® Web Designer gives you all the tools you'll need to produce high-quality, standards-based Web sites the way you want them."

This is hilarious and ridiculous. Microsoft is building software that will build standards-based websites that will be viewed by IE a non-standard browser. Oh brother.

You'll probably only be able to test and view your website in IE too. Don't even think about using Firefox on Microsoft's website.

This is so stupid. I wish Microsoft would just focus on the OS and stop dishing out crap "marketing" programs. It's no wonder why Vista has been delayed so many times.

OMG PDF Stupidity!!!

Look, PDFs are patented and last time I checked Adobe keeps patenting them at each version iteration. While any one may build a PDF-reading application, PDF writers require the grace of Adobe.

Thus on 3 June 2006 Adobe reniged on its promise to let Microsoft use PDF, probably because it felt that Microsoft Office with PDF and XPS write support was too dangerous to its bottom line. Imagine if XPS garners any support at all, every one with Microsfot Office would have *ZERO* incentive to purchase the proprietary Adobe Acrobat ($300) in order to save high-quality documents, they would just print XPS for free; that even goes for collaboration inside docs which would otherwise require Acrobat Pro ($450) [1]. At those rates it costs about as much to collaborately edit a PDF on a LAN than it does to purchase Office 2007, and if XPS were to add any 3D support at all, it would seriously beat Adobe Acrobat 3D's $1000 price.

To satisfy the giant, Microsoft made two changes: a) included Flash with every Office install and b) gave OEMs the option to disable XPS. Thus now Adobe can effectively bribe Dell and Co. to remove XPS; so warez may be the only way to get it; just like Acrobat Pro.

PS If only I got paid for this, if only in links :-)

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