Yahoo Maps Now Okay For Commercial Use


Yahoo is allowing the API for Yahoo! Maps to be used for commercial purposes. The YPN blog offers some examples of how web publishers can use this:

* Build mashups and use our Maps for personal or business use as long as the applications are free of charge and under the rate limit.
* Link to Yahoo! Maps or Driving Directions to your heart’s content.
* Include advertising on the same page or site where you display Yahoo! Maps.


Nice one. Told my

Nice one. Told my programmers this morning. Thanks :)


Now I can use GeoIP and build maps to where bots are located. ;)

Seriously tho, I had a use for the maps and couldn't do it but now I can finally offer them from my site. Wicked cool unless they change their minds next month or start charging for the service.

FWIW, I think this is a very desperate attempt to steal mindshare from Google and it works for me!

good thinking

.. allowing comercial use is a nice move, and if I'm right it also allows things to spread faster as businesses have the possibility of throwing in paid programmer hours and building more professional apps.

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