Introduce Yourself Part 6


Welcome to Threadwatch, if you've not said hi, please do so here. We've been through 5 of these threads (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) already, and have somehow even managed to lose the first one (I think it was around moving the site to a new sever when the database crashed).

Tell us what you do, drop your website url if applicable but please don't go mad on self promo :)

If you have any questions, just use the 'privmsg' link above. You can usually get a reply from me within a few hours most days.

Thanks and enjoy!


Hi SeoBook

I understand. Ive read your Guidelines. Thanks! :)

hi my name is Rahim and i am a website designer.... trying to be

i am interested in seo issues and facts as well as jokes and funny stories....


Found an interesting post and wanted to join in.

Came in through LED Digest

Hello! I'm new here! I found your site through a text link on LED Digest. I'll be sure to revisit...and read some more of your information threads, and perhaps leave a reaction or two. To everyone...Happy Thanksgiving! :)

New one

Just dropping by to say hi. I love this website.


Just checking things out. Cheers.


Hi im trying to learn about seo and I hope this site can help me out thanks.


New to ThreadWatch and just saying hi!


just an amateur here, really. my site is i also manage, the asian art museum website.


I am from China,now I manage some websites,I come here to learn about

seo and discuse it with all of you.

thank you.


I'm a faculty member at UMBC interested in understanding how the Web is evolving. We have an extensive site for our ebiquity research group with links to papers and projects. My current interests include the semantic web and blogs.

Better late than never

I've been a member for over 20 weeks ever since Bill Hatzer kindly posted one of my blog posts on Threadwatch. But, I don't remember introducing myself, so here goes.

After many years in sales, marketing, and buyer guide advertising (online and offline), I have the luxury of trying to help other people, and not worry about making a lot of money for myself. That said, I hope to come up with a business model that combines helping other people and making money.

My latest interest relates to the priciple of "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". While in B2C and B2B, I noticed how marketers can abuse power (IMO, more of a responsibility than a privelidge) by not disclosing the "whole truth" (some here may accuse the search engines of this - justifiably so, IMO!). While the fact is that "O'HUG" communication (Open, Honest, Upfront, and Good - clear, conspicuous, complete, and comprehendable) is best for buyer and seller in the long run.

My Brokerblogger blog's url is

PS - My apology, Aaron, for not reading the guidelines for new thread submission before I sent in those two new threads that weren't published (my fault, all the way).


Hey I work for an online marketing company in southern California as an "SEO Specialist" although my duties extend to many other areas of the Internet. I just graduated from CalPoly Pomona a year ago with a degree in e-Business and am starting on my MBA in Marketing in the fall. I've actually been reading threadwatch for a while, but just now decided to actually register.

'Lo all

Hi there, I work for an SEO company in Scotland, although I usually end up doing the design, coding and research that goes into a lot of the sites we do. I've been a visitor to threadwatch for about a year now I think, but I've never really had the urge to join. I really wanted to reply to a message, so this was a great opportunity for me to join.

found TW through Google "bad data push" coverage

Online since 1984, PJ Brunet blogs, writes code, and draws non-objective abstract art. PJ holds a BFA in Drawing from the University of Florida. His artwork hangs in Texas, Florida, California, and New York.


Someone told me to 'get a life' but I decided I'd join Threadwatch instead.

Hi All!

Hi All!

New here, just dropping in to say hi. Started a new Online Business about a month ago and I am working it daily.

Good Luck to all!



long time lurker finally decided to join in the fun!


Have been following tw for some time and now that I (think) I know what I'm talking about, I feel the need to start contributing. My research lies not just in SEO, but other ways of directing web traffic that are becoming more prevalent (social networking, video, etc.). Located just outside Washington, DC, in Reston, VA.

Introducing Myself


I'm Dave and I'm interestd in SEO as well as football, basketball and controlled dice throwing. Wish everyone well!


Hi, heard about threadwatch on Good Karma @ Dropping by to check out this amazing resource.


Thanks for "saying it the way it is."

I'm reading less and less forums for 2 simple reasons:

1. Trending towards being more politically correct than providing useful info.

2. If I never read another post about PR it will be too soon.

Hi all! New here, just hanging around...

well as the subject says, I'm just hanging around! Checkin' things out, and hangin' around... Don't really have much to say in the way of self-promo yet, so... hang in there! ;) perhaps I will have more to say in the future... But until then, this is your relative newbie to the optimization (and "level-2 thinking") space, signing out...

Aloha from Hawaii

I live and work on Honolulu & specialize in the travel industry as you might guess. If you want to read my blog, then here it is:

I do am amazing amount of lurking in forums and blogs but rarely contribute. This is a bad habit that I'm trying to break.


Hello all

new here and just checking it out :)

Cygnus here

Not that I necessarily "need" another forum, but I wanted to jump in and make a comment, so here I am. Many of you probably already know me...some may not. Hi Aaron.


John Says Hi

I had to make to obligatory first comment here. A lot of familiar names and faces, so it looks like I'll be visiting often.


Intriguing site, so thought I'd hook up! Thanks


Longtime reader, first time poster. I'm Shek Baker, and I edit the SearchViews blog.


Just to say Hi :P
I just registered to post a comment on this thread :

I'm part of a french company specialized in e-busieness consulting :

See u on the board

Registering my hello too

SEO, code monkey, & sys admin.
Manage a few sites and a full time job.

Difficult to find the gems in these posts but there are a few.
Opinions abound as do fools so this is entertaining as well as educational.

My comments are sharp and my time valuable.

-Thanks for having me-

Not new but lurked for years - Galway

Hi All.

Followed the forum for ages but have posted elsewhere. Have more time on my hands now and so can help out here and there. Always been a fan though.

Two steps away from the county line

I signed up for Google AdWords on July 7, 2006. Innocent lamb to the slaughter. Just when I thought I'd gotten my campaign set up properly, all the minimum bids went through the roof... and I found Threadwatch when I was trying to figure out what had happened and what I could do about it. I have a very low opinion of marketers and especially Internet-based marketers, but I'm hoping I'll be able to revise that after getting to know some of you.

The site I was planning to advertise on AdWords was my daily-updated Web comic, Bonobo Conspiracy. As well as writing that, I'm a grad student in computer science. It looks like I probably won't be advertising the comic through AdWords now. I'm about ready to just bid the prices I actually consider reasonable and forget about it. Since my webcomic is a hobby and doesn't generate any income, the prices I consider reasonable work out to about a tenth of Google's current asking prices. At least this experience has given me a joke for a new strip. I wasn't planning to post it until tomorrow, but you can have a sneak preview if you like. Of course you're welcome to post, copy, and share that with anyone else who'd be amused by it.

Hello, world!

Hi! I'm Tom. I recently decided to become self-employed and see if I could make a living off the internet. Before that I worked for a software company, primarily as a systems administrator and writing/managing the online store.

I'm particularly interested in SEO/Usability/Accessibility. I want to make sure sites are easy to use and easy to find. There is a lot to learn, but I do have some experience in these areas, so I am not starting from scratch.

Looking forward to getting more involved. :)

Hi Tom

Welcome to ThreadWatch. I visited your blog and helped you kick-start it. Oh, and you might consider removing the nofollow because with that in there you're not likely to get many quality comments.


Hi John, Thanks for the tip! I've removed the nofollow. :)

For the first time...

Hello to all of you from!

I usually don't introduce myself on any kind of internet boards in this fashion - I just like people to get to know me through my posts. But this time it's different as I was asked nicely to do this.

So for the first time, I'll just try to be short and not overdo it.

I'm just a kid who's been drawn into all this internet marketing stuff at a pretty young age (while MLM seemed like a good thing) and I'm generally very interested in web technologies so now I'm just trying to play with all of this and see if I can make a living from it.

Hello everybody, thanks for welcoming me and I hope we'll have a good time together!

P.S. I should soon make myself a personal website - will let you know when I publish it!

adsense keywords

can anyone help me find an adsense keyword tool that will research adsense keywords?

Hi Everyone

Just checking things out. Any info about creating "buzz" for a new site would be great.


Just checking things out. Any info about creating "buzz" for a new site would be great.

Welcome to ThreadWatch™ Joeforreal18. For starters, you can drop a link to your site right here where it is allowed, and list it in your profile. For real. :-)

Hi To you all

Hi my name is Phil and I am building my first website . I would welcome any comments or suggestions on my new site. I am still learning how to use keywords to target products and how to optimize my pages, but bit by bit, I am getting there. I hope to publish articles of my progress and useful programs and websites I find on my journey in internet marketing. I hope it will help others in the future.
Thanks Phil

Hi All

hi my name is mill and my website is

Thanks Mill


I am Doug Young,
Eastern Regional Manager for
The leaders in search marketing. Looking forward to all the comments and info I can glean, and suggest!

When the Chips are down, the Buffalo move on!

Hello from Arizona

Its hot humid and another monsoon is blowing in. It seemed like a good idea to become a member of threadwatch before we lose power.

Fionn Downhill


Hello , I'm trying to reach Mr. Aaron Wall. Thank you


Hello, I've heard a lot about this site lately, figured I'd check it out. Not to mention anything with Shoemoney editing...has to be good. Right?


I am an SEO living in the DC area, where I work for an Internet Marketing firm. While I've haunted SEO forums and blogs (,,, etc.) for awhile, I haven't participated too much. In any case, I'm glad to join the dialogue!

Hi everyone.. Trisram send

Hi everyone.. Trisram send me an instant message if you want to get a hold of me


It's kind of hard to say what I am. At various stages in my life I've covered politics for a newspaper, been a law clerk to a Supreme Court Justice, labored deep in the bowels of large law firms as associate and partner, founded an internet retailer of musical instruments (, long since sold), and run a popular community site for rock and roll musicians (, sold about a year ago). Right now I'm hanging out in Spain, thinking about moving to Buenos Aires, and mulling over various future projects (next one up,, a community site for sailboat sailors, even if the name sounds more like a gay porn portal). In terms of hours invested, my main jobs seem to be father of four daughters and dog walker for an overly energetic labrador retriever. While walking the dog (Duquesa or Duchess by name; she's bilingual), I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts from some of you here who obviously have learned a lot better and a lot faster than I how to do things right on the internet.


Hi. I am responsible for the pay-per-click advertising for I hope to learn more about SEM/SEO. Thanks for welcoming me into this community!


Since purchasing a moustache in an ebay auction I have become interested in SEO and PHP coding. In two months time internet marketing will be my sole income so it is about time I pulled my finger out and got better informed. I have a blog with no real direction at .


I'm in charge of affiliate marketing at
I've decided to join this forum to learn a bit more about the world of internet marketing- i've still got loads to learn and you seem to have some good posts.

Still Learning!

Just joined threadwatch - looking forward to knowing more about the facts of PPC, SEO & Google rather than hearing the spin, the myths & the rants.

Introducing Myself

Hello. I am a wanna-be SEO from Ontario, Canada.

I am slowly but surely learning about SEO and affiliate marketing by reading sites like this. I hope someday fairly soon to be able to support myself between SEO efforts and some successful affiliate marketing.

I've built a couple sites, my latest one is . It's still in development, but is getting some nice traffic already. If anyone is interested, my blog can be read at .

I look forward to doing alot of reading here. BTW, I am assuming this is a Drupal or Civicspace-based page... is there any reason you guys have chosen not to use the pathauto module to generate keyword-based URLs?

At any rate, this is a great site!

Hello, My name is Sergio, I

My name is Sergio, I am form Portugal and I've been a Threadwatch reader for a lot of time now and I always feel frustrated when I want to comment and can't so today I've decided to register, after so many comments I've missed.

So, I'm here. I know, big deal...time to intro myself I guess.

I am an in-house SEM for a sports media company in Canada. I'm the Co-Chair for the In-House SEM Committee at SEMPO. I'm also spend time helping folks over at

...and I'm an SES-NY junkie. :)

Maybe once or twice a year I'll take a private client who's site interests me and help them out, but I mostly just stick to my own sidelines of tweaking my own website to generate more money. :)

Looking forward to joining in the fray over here.



With Regards

Hi, This is Ben Kevin, Friends Simply called as Ben.

I am interested in SEO and some funny games and jokes.

I had one site : enjoy with this...

Have a Nice Day..

Hi all,

Hi all,
altho lurking here for some time, first time posting..
Based in The Netherlands, I've been in web dev for 5 years and SEO for 2 years.
1 Jan this year I went solo, which has been an exellent choice so far :)

(insert clever intro here)

Hi everyone.

I finally got around to setting up my account here. Yay me!


I've been gravitating more and more to threadwatch to satisfy my latenite browsing habit.

My latest site is: which is an ad system that's a cross between intellitxt and chitika.

John Krystynak


Hi I'm Luke Metcalfe from Rapid Intelligence. I recently created this AOL search tool.

Just a Hi!

Hi, I am the newest member of ThreadWatch (at least I hope so) and I hope I will be able to share my IM/SEO experiences with you guys and learn some more.

Happy Time!!

rock on

So fine people on here. Never spent much time on the site but will now.

Hello from Los Angeles

Joining threadwatch today after a long stint as a lurker. Looking forward to more great info.

Tag another on

This site is a great idea, wish I would have come up with it. I've been around for a long time, seen the bubble burst and then get all big and round and non-bubbly, and wish I would have stuck it out. We sold our business too early! Presently working with Zappos. I also run a popular email discussion list in my spare time. I have many projects in the works. Cheers

I have landed

Came across this site from a link on and found the posts on GoDaddy to be interesting. Another great place to while away the hours not getting any work done!

Doug Noble

nonBot is Here

Hello Threadwatch, I just wanted to jump in here and say hello . . .

Hello !

Hey there!

I recently met a fellow seo geek and she told me this was her favorite blog. So I thought I better finally register. Been reading for awhile but this is my first post. I just started a new job as a web marketing strategist for in Boise, ID.


I've been lurking and subscribed to your feed for some time now, and figured it might be worth signing up and perhaps getting involved.

We'll see...


hi... followed threadwatch quite regularly so jus decided to register so as to become a part of it....
keep up the great work

New to threadwatch

Hey great page guys. I've added it to my google homepage


Yvonne from Sheffield, England. Just signed in.
New field for me.


Read it every day so why not register? :)


Hi I'm Stretch, I'm an in-house SEO so I can't be quite as talkative as I'd like to be on these forums. I've been doing SEO for about a year and a half now and I'm starting to get the hang of it. Thanks guys and I look forward to reading more cool stuff at ThreadWatch.

Any newbies out there should really consider subscribing to this site's feed. It's a good way to get fast advance notice about search engine updates, etc, etc...

Hi Stretch, This is

Hi Stretch,

This is Robert Hondo, i am also an SEO. But i had just 6 months experience on this industry. My site loose ranks in Yahoo even indexed files also. Can u plz suggest me while getting my ranks back..?

This is My site : Nevada Mortgage Loans

Thanks & Regards,
Robert Hondo.

been readin a while, time to

been readin a while, time to sign up. I run and about time I used some tips etc.

Stalking Aaron

I am a 10 year veteran of web development and web marketing and a regular reader of SEOBOOK. I figured if this community was worth Aaron's time and money, I would check it out. I am very impressed by the group of editors and by the folks who are posting responses.

I am the former Director of Online Market/Business Development for a very successful online printing company. I have been focused on web analytics approaches and trying to accurately measure ROI results for SEO and SEM. I have a blog at


Mail said introduce yourself, so here it goes...

My name is Viggen, well not really but that doesnt matter, i am in the SEO business since 1998 and well, Goodroi talking about masturbation got me to sign up...


I work for a SEM company in Australia called e-channel


Here I am,
logged in and ready to post messages,
see you guys!!



I'm reading Aaron Walls SEO Interviews book and have checked out all of the links in his book - that's how I got here. I'm looking foward to learning more about SEO.
See ya,

Hello from Seattle!

Just getting around to being registered, have read lots of your threads in the past and decided to finally pop in and say hi to everyone!

Feel free to stop by and visit me at Ironvine Search Marketing


Hey, I care.

Hello from Spain. I'm Jamie and I do SEO/Lead generation for real estate companies here.

And, you'll never guess, but I've got a blog: Millsbomb

hello, threadwatch

Hi, I'm Louise. I live in San Francisco and work in marketing. Most of my experience has been in the independent music and film industry.

I have two blogs. Both are updated about once a week, but that varies!

Thank you and I look forward to reading threadwatch!


Hi - Looking forward to gettting involved.


I'm now a member of

Just Joining

Longggg time lurker, first time commentor.

It took a post about Wal-Mart to get me going...

Lurker now Member

Well I was always a lurker around here. Decided to start participating. Im a blogger, geek, etc. Always learning new things.

My site is for those that are interested.

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