Manipulating Yahoo Local & The Quality Control Nightmare

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User Reviews and Local Search Optimization
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Chicago, recenlty appointed moderator of WMW's new Local Searh Forum has a fantastic discussion going with some of the boards heavy hitters on how to manipulate Yahoo! Local with "user ratings".

Users can order their results by user reviews and so both automated, dodgy tactics and clever legit strategies for exploiting this are disussed in detail. Stars of the show are Chicago, eWhisper and tedster. This from Chicago:

When is the last time you checked your business or your client's business reviews? When is the last time you submitted a review? How about your competitors (scary)?

and this from tedster:

Using Amazon's review system, the best way we found to get good, natural reviews was to ask our happy customers to post one. In some cases, we offered a perk of some kind, especially for those listmaniacs who took the time to put together a list. This worked very nicely and created natural positive reviews - avoiding the stilted sound that people who have a business involvement with a product tend to use.

So I would imagine the same would apply to a pizza parlor, a general contractor, a real estate agent - anyone who already has happy campers in their corner and uses local search. And of course, if you don't make customers happy (or don't know if you do) then that would be step number one for the business anyway.

A very nice read, thanks Chicago!

Some questions this raises for me:

  • Will we see bots developed to manipulate this feature?
  • How will Yahoo maintain a level of quality control?
  • Is it as important as it might first appear?

Good stuff from the wmw boys and girls...


Great read, it really made me

Great read, it really made me think am I really doing the best I can in Local Search? Of course being in the uk yahoo hasn't got a local and neither has Google for that matter :(

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