Seo Roadshow Copenhagen


Dates have just gone up on Saturday 23rd of September 2006, so who's up for a Beer in Denmark ... bring it on ??



Oh, yeah. Hat tip to the

Oh, yeah. Hat tip to the Vikings....

Bacon sandwiches for breakfast everyone?

Is this a paid gig or a pub

Is this a paid gig or a pub do?


Last year's Edinburgh meet was probably the best SEO event I've been to, so definitely going again.

Thanks for arranging it guys.

Oh Good

Last year's Edinburgh meet was probably the best SEO event I've been to, so definitely going again.

Agreed, and another round of thanks for setting things up.


...was that a 'public' invite, Dave?

Wouldn't miss it for #1

Wouldn't miss it for #1 ranking for 'online poker'.


No seminars. No stands. No

No seminars. No stands. No speakers. Perfect.

i've booked a room.

i've booked a room.

>Hat tip to the Vikings

Yeah, thanks guys. The Vikings go waaaay back in seo history. With their company doing the ipo thing this year, Copenhagen seemed like the right place at the right time.

well whaddayaknow

...not sure how much of a SEO I consider myself these days, but it sounds like fun... As I don't have a travel budget this year this might be my chance of meeting you all... so somebody send me an invite, please :-)

ooh yeah

Booked - wouldn't miss this for anything.


Should be a good one this time. The venue is different and not your typical bar/pub, which should give it an extra element of fun. Hehe, just getting there can be a challenge for some.

We pretty much have everything covered, but of course extra beer money will always be apreciated. If you have them, paypal them over on

If you have any questions or the hotel doesn't come through, post them here, at the SEO Roadshow blog or get a hold of me :)

Thanks for the spot here Dave!

Can I myself there virtually

Can I send myself there virtually to chat with you guys ? I'd love too :)

I'm still stuck here at the moment.


I'm still 'working' on my wife. Progress is negligeable.

So I may have to drive in and out on my bike to attend. How far is Copenhagen from Rotterdam anyway? (At 190km/h it can't be that bad LOL)

Be there - I will try

I shall try my absolute best to be there!

looks almost ago

Ferry goes from Newcastle if you hadn't thought about it.



Dirk and I looking forward to seeing y'all again!

Hey Ras! My lovely employers

Hey Ras! My lovely employers would like to drop a chunk behind the bar, but we don't have a PayPal account.... still too new for that kind of shenanigans.

How do we give you the money :) ? I'm sure we can come to an arrangement (and, yes, I already asked about slipping you a bag full of used, small notes - seems the accountants wouldn't like it though, LOL)

That sounds awesome Brendan!

We can do bank/wire transfers and a receipt?

Lemme know what fits the big man best and we'll figure it out.

Again, thanks a bunch mate :)

Brendan whats the company ..

Btw .. I like to know who is buying me drinks :)


How can I refuse to buy a Drink!

I'll be there - probably first at the bar and hopefully last to fall over!

Ah, a good point, especially

Ah, a good point, especially as I've just moved.... The company is a new affiliate / lead generation / co-registration network called Clash Media ( - please don't bother searching for it, brand new domain with no rankings yet). I'm running the affiliate network now, and it's lots of fun. I've wanted one of these since talking to Mr Mackin in Orlando a couple of years ago

It's been a frantic few weeks (we officially "launched" 3 weeks ago!) so it'll be about September before I can take time to get out of the office for more or less any reason.... It's been going well though, lots of interesting merchants (and affiliates) coming through, very interesting seeing the network perspective on everything too.

>> We can do bank/wire transfers and a receipt?

Ah, now THAT we can do :) We'll need to sort the fine detail, but it sounds like we've got a plan :)

It'll be good to you guys again, especially the US and Euro contingents, been a while since I've attended a large gathering. Be nice to be buying the drinks for a change as well

Hah, good job we're throwing in if Barry's coming.... :)


See you there Barry :)

I'm there!

Oh yeah...

>> The venue is different

>> The venue is different and not your typical bar/pub,


I actually went there last Saturday. It's hard to explain, but it's definately not your typical bar/pub. If it was not for the fact that it's in the middle of the most hyped and upscale area of the whole town these days you would think you were in the "middle of nowhere". (which, only five years ago, you were).

They are literally building a brand new neighborhood on all three sides of the venue (forth side is the waterfront). This particular building is a remnant from the early 70's I'd guess. It's going to be demolished eventually, later this year (or so I've heard). Six floors, large former office building. Party is on top floor, floors 1-5 are empty offices... well, not quite, as several artists have studios there on short term contracts.

And the view is excellent :)


See you there


Looks like we're beginning to build a good crowd.

Weather in Copenhagen is really nice today. We might even hit 25C - let's hope that keeps up until the 23rd, but don't count on it :)

To refer good friend Toolman; "that's what you get for living on the top of an ice berg". Hehe, coming from a guy that hasen't seen snow since '73 - other that the last time he was here :)

Wear a sweater.

too sad...

a good friend of mine arrives from the us on the 23rd and i have to show her germany for the following week. i loved edinburgh and can seriously recommend the roadshow as the best seo event ever, but i won't make it this time... :-/

cy'all at the next roadshow...

Reminder: It's THIS coming Saturday the 23rd at 13:00

Realising that the venue can be hard to find in Copenhagen and even if you do find it, you're probably not sure you did, here are some general directions:

TAXI from the hotel at Vesterbro:

Tell the driver to take you to:

Islands Brygge 81, A Huset (Sounds something like "Aa hoosit")

They should know where it is. If not, print and show them this map

Looking forward to see you all again! :)

I'm booked

Lock up your daughters, the British are coming.

How do you say 81

in Danish, then?

And: any mobile phone number one can contact you guys at in case we get lost in the Tivoli or somewhere?

Hehe, sure Fanto

.. I'll post my private email and mobile here ;)

Send me a PM here and I'll send ya the details.

Otherwise me and the guys will be a hotel from Friday noon.

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