Is There Room for a Fourth Player in Search?

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Yet Another Search Engine
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SELowdown point out this post threadlinked above at motley fool.

They're talking about Accoona specifically:

Even if you offered me $70 billion, I am not sure I could effectively break into the search engine business. To me, Accoona's late entry is a sign that the teams headed for the playoffs have been named and the competition will now begin in earnest. But maybe I'm wrong. As Rick Aristotle Munarriz pointed out, maybe it's just starting to boom. Either way, there's some tough competition down the road from the big guys in the search engine business.

So we have MSN, Google and Yahoo! making up the big 3 players with Jeeves coming up from the rear (i cant help it, im english) and a whole gaggle of specialist SE's that seem to only make a hit with Search folks.

Could the game sustain another player of is that it?


I tried Accoona a few days ag

I tried Accoona a few days ago when it was first announced, I was not impressed, it was slow and the index size had alot to be desired. And if I remember correctly the Chinese government had alot to do with this engine and we all know what that means.

There is space for another player but IMO Accoona is not it


You mean Clusty isn't going to be the next big thing? No interminable forum threads about the visits of the Clustybot? No problems with Clusty-bombing? No CludSense, Clusswords? It's such a shame...!


Sounds like a venereal disease....

There is always room for a ne

There is always room for a new player in search. However, the big 3 are really tightening the reigns. And every "new" search engine I've tried has been pretty pants on relevancy for the search terms I've tried.

And, you would think a new search engine would try to get relevancy right...

Besides, why spend $70 on a search engine? It's not the search engine that makes the money - it's the associated advertising opportunities. Search that's a different ball game.

I meant

Of course, I meant:

"Why spend $70 billion on a search engine."

Meeeee Toooooo

I don't see what problem these me-too companies are solving, other than to provide more drink & nibbles opportunities for journalists.

Yes, yes artificial intelligence blah blah...the new threat to Google..the search wars...Is any of this helping me find things more quickly?

It seems every day a new search service launches. And is forgotten the next. They're not offering anything different.


I tried this engine out the other day when I read the press release. This is what I wrote at Cre8asite:

Acoona (who comes up with these names?) has launched. This is a search engine which boasts of using "Artificial Intelligence Search Technology", however, when I tried a search I got a 503, "something won't work" message.

It's working now but first impressions are its a Google clone which tries to shove sponsored results down your throat so you have to scroll down at least half a page @ 1024 resolution to get to SE results.

The use of miniature text to try IMO, to blur the lines between sponsored and organic results, doesn't lend credibility to the engine either.

Which basically means I thought it was kak.

Is there room for a fourth? A

Is there room for a fourth? Absolutely! The more competition in an industry which to all intents and purposes is a Triopoly the better for all concerned.

Is Accoona the next player. Maybe, but not yet. We've been following this for a while over at WmW. The main obstacles they have to overcome are linguistic and political issues. Having the backing of the Chinese Government can be a double edged sword. Linguistically, trying to program something in a second language is fraught with difficulties and is going to be a major hurdle I am sure.

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