More on Google Fever : Wikipedia Gets No Love


Yeah call me a lazy bastard but Wikipedia's index page is not in Google.

MSN sees it ok. Why is Google a bastard ? This may shed some light into that LinkVault thing too.

Seeing the last story Graywolf has posted, it really makes me think. Is Google really on top of all these ?


Probably OTT this one

While is the page referred to by this post, and is indeed not indexed certainly is indexed

I was reffering to the

I was reffering to the one, which is the homepage of all English content.

We all know the English version is the most proeminent content too. In real life and in the search engines too.

Alas.. Where's Google at ?

Ok - I'm

Ok - I'm confused? has a 301 redirection to which is indexed

GET / HTTP/1.1


I see you are confused. SO

I see you are confused. SO am I. Read my and Bill's comments here. You'll understand my point.



Someone looks a bit too eager in proving the Google is bad.



The wiki is in the top 100 on almost any generic topic, many top 10, they don't need any more stinking love.

If they had any more love, people would just start with the wiki and skip Google.


That I agree with my super hero friend.

Ahahaah :)

Ahahaah :)

Expertu, linking to your own

Expertu, linking to your own blog :) Shameless self promo? But heck, why not.

Hey .. I did started with

Hey .. I did started with "Yeah call me a lazy bastard but"...

I admin .. I'm a lazy bastard.. And it was late when I posted that :)

So, about that shedding

So, about that shedding light on the linkvault thing?

What about it ?

What about it ?

What light does it shed?

What light does it shed?

My ideea was that Linkvault

My ideea was that Linkvault had approximately the same issue. No index page indexed, but others yes.

Now, if I come to think about it, the situations are pretty different. My bad.


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