The old chestnut of targetted words in URL debate again

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Keyword in URL experiment
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Olivier Duffez over at WebProNews talks about an experiment with keywords in the URL.

They took a nonsense word, which none of the test engines had any results for and set about running an experiment.

- To create webpages with the "word" in the URL (directories and file names)
- To avoid the word in the body text and head text of these pages
- To link to these new pages without using the word in the anchor text

The results showed that having the keyword in the URL is important.

Personally I just wished that all the markets I work and want to work in had zero results to start with and feel this has little relevance to the industry as a whole. It is but one small branch on a very large tree called the "Search Engine Algo" and all those branches interact with each other to produce the SERPs.

Very interesting though and definately worth a read if your industry has little or no competition :D


It only proves...

...that they index the words in the URL.

The #1 ranking page in Google for their test word is one that DOESN'T use it in the URL!

yep that has to be the most useless experiment ever

On those 6 urls there's not one unchanged variable. It's actually closer to 'proving' that pages in a folder called /english rank better than ones in a folder called /test than anything else.

Hmmm. There's a theory....

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