Meta Tag Lawsuit Filed In Florida

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Meta Tag Lawsuit Filed In Florida
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Trademark Infringement Claims Now Extend to Meta Tags
According to Out-Law, using trademarked terms in your meta tags, could get you in trouble.

A biopharmaceutical firm that distributes plasma derivatives has sued a rival, alleging that Health Coalition Inc. used the trade marked name “BDI Blood Diagnostics” as a meta tag in its web site source code, according to a report by

This, alleges Blood Diagnostics Inc., is a breach of its trade mark rights.

Outlaw link courtesy of SE Lowdown


dangerous trend

IMO this is a dangerous trend. First the courts will rule on silly things like meta-tags then the big boys will have ammunition to send their lawyer-dogs on joe-smalltime to get them to remove any reference to them.

Just in case you think this could only happen in the States:

Not really a trend

The meta tag issue was fought and resolved a long time ago.

In that case, the judge rulled in favor of Terri Welles because the use of Playboy's trademark in her meta tags accurately represented what was on the page.

Even if they are just stuffing their meta tags with trademark names, the owners of those marks are going to have to prove that they were damaged in some way. Since keyword meta tags have no impact on rankings, they will have a very tough time proving damages.

>resolved "German court rule

"German court ruled excessive use of meta-keywords in HTML unlawful. Meta-tag keywords may still be used if they are in strong relation to the page."

"According to, the new lawsuit was filed after Blood Diagnostics discovered that search engines were listing Florida-based Health Coalition's web site in the top 10 of search results for Blood Diagnostics. A forensic examination of the rival distributor's site ensued, revealing that trade marked terms relating to Blood Diagnostics and four other biopharm companies were contained in the source code of the site."

Apparently not definitively. 1998 was a long time ago, the political landscape has changed a lot.

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