Contextual Ad Market Getting Crowded

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Online Ad Networks Back in Vogue
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DMNews has a piece related to the launch of AdMarketplace yesterday in the threadlink above.

The question now, with this new player in town and the many other networks out there, is: Is the contectual ad space crowded enough for us to start seeing casualties?

Forbes ditched intelliTXT recently and i cant say i hear much about smaller networks like Quigo or ContextWeb. Tacoda's behavioral network seems interesting though and you cant go a week without hearing something from Kanoodle, which at this point just leaves Chitika. And we've not heard a peep from the "network of networks" since it's launch

The titans of context: Overture and Adsense may well fight their own battles but it seems likely there is room for both, possibly even Kanoodle, but what of the smaller networks mentioned above? Some questions on contextual search for Threadwatchers:

  • Will the smaller networks find a place alongside the big boys?
  • Are we likely to see more enter the context arena in 2005?
  • Do any of you give a f*** as long as adsense still pays?

Let me know what you think...