Googles $300M Secret

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Searching for Google -- Shhhhh, it's a secret
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Google have apparently shelled out $300M on a new datacenter in a Georgia industrial park. About 100 employees in a non descript unmarked building with no windows - pffft! 007 eat your heart out hah!

This from the CRM Knowledgebase threadlink above:

Almost without notice, the Internet search company has tiptoed about 100 employees and a significant investment into a windowless building in a Douglas County industrial park near Six Flags Over Georgia.

There's no sign on the building, no logo on the locked glass door, nothing to indicate that an Internet icon has come to town.

A note taped to the door points visitors to a buzzer, which prompts a polite, but firm, female voice to shoo you away. The voice can't --- or won't --- confirm you've found Google, or even if you're in the right place.

It's all very mysterious.

So why the big hush hush? Sheesh, google are news, if sergey farts it hits the homepage of every major industry site on the net - did they think they'd be able to keep 100 people and all the people they know quiet for long?

You gotta love it... link via IG via SEWB


They are still hiring

If you want to get an inside view, you can still apply to work at the new Georgia datacenter ;)

Its cheaper

My guess is that it is a heck of a lot cheaper to build, etc in Georgia than it is in California. And, you can pay your employees less because they don't have to pay California housing costs.


Did He fart? When? Where? Why didn't it show on Google Alerts?

I just feel sorry for all these people having to work in a windowless office with nothing to gaze at but their white googly screen and possibly a dirty calendar on the wall (although, since it's in the US they're probably not even allowed that). Surely, with all that money to spend, couldn't they just use mirror glass or something. Or do they want to keep people from looking OUT? Like a jury on movies' murder cases not allowed to leave the room, read the papers or watch tv...?

Did anyone here apply for the job?

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