Ad Age: Strongest Brands in the US


"...also topped such icons as Coke, Pepsi and McDonald's. It blew away the ubiquitous Nike. It outclassed Mercedes and Lexus. It left the hip iPod in the dust."

"None of those brands even cracked the top 10, which was heavy on..."


Foiled again eh RC...


And, From Their Ad Agency, Comes This ...

Ask the expert: Maurice Saatchi on advertising

In his 40 years in advertising, Maurice Saatchi has been responsible for some of the industry’s best known slogans - phrases such as “The world’s favourite airline” and “Labour isn’t working.” Now, the executive director of M&C Saatchi is arguing that companies should boil down their brands to a single word.

From Q and A:

Has the internet killed advertising as we know it?

Maurice Saatchi: No. Because advertising at its best gives brands ruthlessly clear and simple positionings. And with the rise of the internet, one of a number of channels in a complex, fragmented marketplace, it will be even more important for brands to define themselves with ruthless clarity. The intellectual rigour of advertising – paring and editing down to a brutally simple thought - has never been more in demand. Of course, with the internet there are new and exciting forms of advertising – most notably interactive, but the underlying principles remain the same.

Advertising at its worst will be killed by the internet. And rightly so.

In other news...

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Come again? Wrong soapbox.

oddly related

i've said that selling soap and dishwashing liquids would be tough on the web ...hard to get and keep their attention. looks like i was wrong.

"Procter & Gamble built an online magazine,, which has 4 million email subscribers and ranks in reach and influence with the leading women's periodicals - where for decades it was among the top advertisers. It generates a treasure trove of consumer insight for Procter & Gamble that is entirely proprietary."

Old media fumbling with new technology

According to Google Trends

Comparatively speaking nobody is looking for it online via Googler Trends. However it was searched for often enough to trigger those annoying/relevant Looking for X buy it on EBay auto adwords ads.


I suspect a loaded survey audience, or 'poorly designed' (= biased) questions.
We've all seen "Yes, Minister", right?
I can't believe its tin foil and ziploc food bags?!?
I couldn't even tell you what brand I buy of either and I have this part time gig as a house wife ;)

That tells me one thing -

That tells me one thing - and one thing only: Error.

Either something is wrong with the survey, or with the interpretation of it.

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