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Book Results Found within Web Search
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Do a search for dietary suppliments and see for yourself at the top. As far as im aware, barry, who spotted this in the threadlink above, is right on the money. This is does appear to be new.

I cant find anything else though a TW'er tells me she got something for a physics related query yesterday..

What do you guys make of it?


Hmm.. Book Title KW Stuffing

I'm sure somone's already done it, but this might bring keywords stuffing "book" titles into play. The results seem pretty spotty now, but it seems to look for both book titles and authors' names.

George Orwell
Jeffrey Zeldman
Lord of the Rings

They definitely need to add a "More Book Results.." link.

Im a dumbarse

It didnt occur to me to look for author names lol...

Nice, your_store :)


.. I have been patiently waiting and I am a happy boy today.

Thankyou Nick, for allowing me to "Read it here first" (or at least in Outlook via Newsgator and your RSS feed!

most welcome

in fact, my pleasure entirely :)

RSS is definately the best way to read here if your as busy as most web marketers. Catch the headlines, come in via whatever takes your interest, then check out the recent posts link (top right) to see what threads are hot.


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