Matt Cutts is a 6 - 1 Underdog


I got a nice e-mail from Omar at, and I have to give them kudos on a nice campaign:

They've got odds running on who will be the top technorati blog on January 1st. Just as a disclosure, I'm not affiliated with these folks in anyway, I just thought it was a pretty cool link baiting idea.


Just wanted to shoot you a quick note about a blog betting proposition that we ( Sportsbook) are running.

I’m sure you keep an eye on your Technorati rank, but we’re offering up odds on which blog will be #1 on Technorati’s Top 100 on New Year’s Eve 2006

(We’ve got, Robert Scoble, Lifehacker, and 7 others in the running)

Matt Cutts is the 6-to-1 underdog!

Yeah, call it shameful promotion, but I think we’re the first sportsbook to ever, EVER to offer odds on weblogs! We’ve been in business since 1994 and I really pushed our oddsmakers to take their eyes off of sports for one second and give the blogosphere a little love.

They looked at me like I’m nuts, but they went ahead with it.

Way to have some balls on trying something new guys. This is a great example of linkbaiting imho, and worth a link for trying something different than every other gambling site.


Excellent gambling link bait

Excellent gambling link bait and definately worth a punt imho @6-1 odds on Matt huh. I think I can help Matt more likely to win :D

Omar...gooo Omar

That kid is dope. Amazing really - ladies, he's also single!

I think we can make that happen

I have confidence in us--I think we can make Matt the number one blogger on Jan 1st.

Use for old links

You could always 302 those old tired and useless "v7ndotcom Elursrebmem" , "negritude ultramarine", and "Redscowl Bluesingsky" links over and just wreak some havoc. If you were really clever/sneaky/troublesome you could cloak ... err ip target only the technorati spider with the redirects ...

rethinking old strategies

Google's got the Firefox browser now... don't you think the spider cloaks itself? Sure it does.


target only the technorati spider with the redirects ...

IP Cloaking is SO old school

For real cloaking, you've got to use smart cookie cloaking...

>the spider cloaks itself

Yea, and it does it so well that it doesn't respect things like nocache, noindex, or their own proprietary nofollow too!

uh, er

umm, that'd be noarchive, no? lol

:) This is why I don't code

I always miss some mundane detail (caution small mp3 file)

And thank you for pointing out my stupidity. :)

Firefox rel=nofollow

And I GET it's no longer "robots indexing" it's "BROWSER indexing" that's why they don't have to respect those tags.

meta name="firefox browser" content="noindex,follow"

I'm not sure I'd take that

I'm not sure I'd take that bet--those are some pretty big blogs ahead of me.

Geez Cmon Matt - No fun at all...

I really think you'd be suprised what the SEO community can do ;-)

I would be happy to spam some links your way!

Just do up a spreadsheet of all the anchors you'd like, where you want them to go and a plan to vary the inbounds a little (some images, banners, etc) and tell us where the filters exactly lie and you'll be up there in no time at all. You could turn it into the ultimate 'link to us' guide with html samples for N00bs. Get the Cuttlets into it for some extra link pop and your away.

I'm Right up for This !!

I just want Matt to beat Engadget !! what do we need to do so not to get him banned all together lol


ermmmmm lemme think for a

ermmmmm lemme think for a moment.

Yup, there we go, an extra 250k links to Matt's blog. At 6-1 odds it's amazing what you can do :)


not to get him banned all together

...that could be an unwanted but nevertheless hilarious side-effect.

I think with the launch of

I think with the launch of this contest just got included in some bad neighborhoods. He is going to have a hard time explaining his link binge when he files a re-inclusion request ;)

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