WebmasterRadio.fm Launch in Europe!

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WebmasterRadio.FM Internet Business Radio Hires European Powerhouse
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Mikkel deMib Svendsen will head up the European marketplace development of the internet based radio network.

WebmasterRadio.FM, Internet business radio proudly announces the appointment of Mikkel deMib Svendsen to head up the development of the internet based radio network for the European marketplace.


Thanks, Nick!

You are fast - I think it's only a few minutes ago the press release went out :)

I will be looking for people and companies that have great ideas for European content in the form of weekly shows. If you check out the website at www.webmasterradio.fm you will find examples of the shows already scheduled.

Also, if you are interested in advertising at this cutting edge and new channel please let me know.


I think you'll find that was Suzy Mikkel :)

In true TW style i might add...

Minor correction also...lol

Minor correction also...lol

That would be a DOT FM domain! lol
I know, everyone wants to say .com!

However, if you check out http://www.dotfm.com/ our registrar, we're their featured site this month!

Also, we couldn't think of anyone else better suited for this than Mikkel!

Welcome aboard my friend!


Now, get those shows airing on a more Euro-friendly time zone and you have at least one regular listener outside the US :)

Cudos boys.

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