Tis Only a Word!


Along the lines of the 1 second radio commercial an ad agency is trying to push the concept of a single word brand statement.

"What I am describing here is a new business model for marketing, appropriate to the digital age," [Maurice Saatchi] said in formal remarks to the gathering. "In this model, companies compete for global ownership of one word in the public mind."

I am hoping this shit doesn't stick, but if it does I want my word to be sesquipedalian, so I can change my word from time to time.


It makes a lot of sense when

It makes a lot of sense when you work with mobile content where screen space is at a premium.

I just can't imagine using

I just can't imagine using the word fun or run and thinking of some sports company every time I hear the word. Or every time you use the word happiness some people think of some garbage panacea used as an antidepressant / anti anxiety / pms / obsessive compulsive / post traumatic stress disorder / seasonal affective disorder treating drug.

Scary stuff when corporate culture is embedded into language at the individual word level.



IKEA bed

A recent Ikea radio spot ended with the word "bed". Not part of a sentence, not connected to the add, just appended as in "IKEA, bed."

This isn't new. This is

This isn't new. This is Vintage Al Ries.

What word does volvo 'own' from a branding perspective? Safety.
What about Rolex? Expensive
Polaroid? Instant

Nike did it with a

Nike did it with a checkmark. Why couldn't someone else do it with a word?

Is it possible? Totally.

time changes some things

>> mobile content where screen space is at a premium

I think it would dangerous to assume that mobile space will always be at the premium it's at now. In fact it's becoming less and less of an issue every year.

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