Larry Page and Sergey Brin invest in electric race car


Tesla just raised $40 million from high-profile investors including Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. It plans to start selling its first model next year. It also looks like this car can out do a Ferrari or Porsche.

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I like the quote in that

I like the quote in that article

"I'm not the only person that would like to buy a car that's beautiful and fun to drive but also remain on the moral high ground," said Eberhard, 45, who sold his previous company, electronic book maker NuvoMedia, for $187 million in 2000. "None of the energy that goes into an electric car comes from the Middle East."

So now all of the sudden it is unethical to consume energy from sources our leading corporations decided to exploit for profit decades ago. I think what is equally unethical is not stating where you expect that alternative electrical power source to come from when all of about 6% of the energy supply is renewable.

Trading one problem for another

Things may have changed since 2003 but I don't think they are too different. What is Electricity?

Coal, petroleum (oil), and natural gas are burned in large furnaces to heat water to make steam that in turn pushes on the blades of a turbine. Did you know that coal is the largest single primary source of energy used to generate electricity in the United States? In 2003, more than half (51%) of the country's 3.9 trillion kilowatthours of electricity used coal as its source of energy.

Coal also happens to be a large contributor to global warming

Avoiding Global Warming

Replacing coal burning plants should get the highest priority, because they generate the most CO2 per unit of energy generated, and because their emissions cause substantial lung damage.

I'd like to see them do more with less... just adding some public transportation options to Google Maps. How 'bout just the stations on there, or maybe the bus stops. It's shouldn't be that hard.

They had a recent partnership with EarthDay to hightlight green things to do on vaction. Well done. I think offering public transportation options on maps would do a lot more for public awareness.


None of the energy that goes into an electric car comes from the Middle East.

This way of thinking is otherwise known as "drain America first".

That aint

Brin and Page have done some good stuff including giving seed money to nanosolar. Who's nanosolar? Google it!

Anyone who has seen an Ariel

Anyone who has seen an Ariel Atom (from the story) knows it doesn't look like a all. The main reason it is so fast is that it has no bodywork and no glass, and of course seats one person. Very useful when you want to take your date out for the evening. Not much good if it rains either ;)

Who are 'Tesla'?

I would like to know.

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