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Long Live the Mobile
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Caught this a moment ago, makes for interesting thought regarding mobile marketing in the future:

  • There are 1.5Bn mobile subscribers worldwide
  • That's 25% of the world with a mobile
  • Developing countries account for 56% of that.
  • There are 1.18Bn landline subscribers - notice mobile has overtaken that.
  • There are Only 700M net connections
  • Nick is keen on mobile, despite not having one :)

food for thought eh?


as soon as screen size is sorted

then the mobile masses will follow.

Mobile 101?

>>Nick is keen on mobile, despite not having one

I do not have one either - but it looks like I better start learning.

Any good online mobile primers that you would recommend that would start teaching me the basics? (RSS feeds would be cool too.)

I'd appreciate a mobile prime

I'd appreciate a mobile primer too, if anyone knows of one. Not something I've kept up with either.

I'll keep an eye out guys....

Sorry 4 not responding earlier brad. Put it to one side and promptly forgot :)

I'll see what i can come up with - ideally we need something on the whole shebang right?

If anyone finds a link in the meantime, please post it..

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