Measuring and Monetizing RSS with Syndicate IQ

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New entrant Syndicate IQ heightens the need for RSS measurement
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A new site launched this week with the goal of managing, measuring and monetizing your syndicated feeds.

Forresters Charlene Li takes a look at Syndicate IQ in the threadlink above as does John Battelle in this post

The system is able to accurately track the dailey circulation of an article by inserting a unique identifier in the feed url and tracking IP and browser type. Like Pheedo and RSSAds SyndicateIQ will be launching an ad network shortly.

From their monetization page:

Syndicate IQ leverages the unique characteristics of syndication while enabling the sophisticated targeting, customization, and optimization found in other marketing solutions such as ad serving and email delivery services. Our Trigon Engine allows content publishers to monetize syndicated content intelligently while deepening their relationships with their subscribers and growing their subscriber base.

That would seem to me to be a great next step for the monetization of feeds and the standardization of useful metrics for publishers - will be watching with interest for more from them...


Thanks Nick


Thanks for the post about Syndicate IQ (two words :-) ). We are focused in two areas right now:

1. Measurement: We are helping clients get accurate data on the number of subscribers, circulation, and activity for one or multiple feeds. Once the baseline is established, different monetization strategies can be develop, implemented, and measured to quickly make corrections to maintain subscription and revenue grow rates. This will help facilitate...

2. Consumer adoption: If we can help content creators move those little orange buttons to the front pages of their web sites by helping them measurement and monetization syndicated content, that helps increase consumer adoption.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays


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