Google Sitemaps Upgrades


Last week, Google announced some upgrades to their Sitemaps tools, including expanding reporting of the pages where Googlebot encountered errors on the site, more specific and more extensive reporting of query stats, and a tool to allow testing of robots.txt files.


Fair - Not great.. not bad..

Granted having the Mobile aspects are cool... but the fact that everything shows up now as a drop down makes it slightly harder to navigate.

It's not the content that is hard.. it's the way to get to it.

there's at least one missing

Along with suggestions that you use site: to see how your site is doing, they should also include a no_site: where you can see why they dropped your home page. That would be helpful.

Nice, John. I'm sure

Nice, John. I'm sure they'll get to that after they finish shipping the "Recommended Subdomains for your site" feature I have been asking for.

Love it!

Love it!

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