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Google Suggest
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A great tool by google :)

Suggests searches as you type!

Nick W
Great find! From the FAQ

As you type into the search box, Google Suggest guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time. This is similar to Google's "Did you mean?" feature that offers alternative spellings for your query after you search, except that it works in real time. For example, if you type "bass," Google Suggest might offer a list of refinements that include "bass fishing" or "bass guitar." Similarly, if you type in only part of a word, like "progr," Google Suggest might offer you refinements like "programming," "programming languages," "progesterone," or "progressive." You can choose one by scrolling up or down the list with the arrow keys or mouse.

and TW member Wit posted this just about the same time (a fraction earlier i think..)

The Google boys and girls seem to have come up with a search enhancement - again (?). As soon as you start typing search terms, a list of options - together with their "total number of hits" - appears.

This is of course a useful tool for internet searchers AND a quick one for people looking for popular (??) keywords to optimise for.

Fascinating without a doubt, here it is directly: Google Suggest Option

Thanks to Seochat's new sunnymonkey for spotting that.


seems we posted at the same time...

LOL - but apparently it took me a while to type all that. Cheers




I just added to it :)

If it goes on the homepage, i just like to have a little more detail if possible - NICE catch XC!

Yeah sorry about lack of cont

Yeah sorry about lack of content on the post I think the excitement got the best of me :)

I love this feature already, set as my default homepage

I like it too..

In fact, it ROCKS..

Just been playing around with it and it really is good, very handy and not too cludgy for such a complex UI

No worries on lack of detail, get it out there! then, we can fill in the blanks :)

You mean I typed all that for nothing?

That'll teach me to add a bit of "story" to a news flash :-)

But seriously, that complete=1 parameter should be (and probably will be) a standard feature.

Very cool

Impressive...clever little buggers ;)

Very cool, but filtered at th

Very cool, but filtered at the moment...

IMO this has to stay filtered can you image a kid searching for dick whittington and types dick in? I wouldn't like to think how thay've managed to pull this one off.

I expect this would increase their bandwidth per search by quite alot. Which would be the only reason not to implement this on their main search.

I'll warn my kids...

...not to search for Dick Wittington (???) then.

dick whittington

suggests dickwadd

well that's some information I'd never looked at before - p'rapse the filter still needs a bit of a tweak?

reverse engineering

I wonder how many people are (or already have) attempted to reverse engineer it.

I know of 3 in the UK alone!

Interesting tool. Hats off to the G techies, but I do believe they are making a rod for their own backs on the spam front. Small time spammers (Big style spammers do it already) will be SEOing for keywords that this system shows whereas before there was a barrier to entry and that barrier was research.

Why spend time researching when G provide the info for free and so easily ?

dam you Jason

I get stuck on the Phone and by the time I get off to post a reverse engineering question you beat me too it ;)


Good one. I like it

And it even works for Hebrew searches... :-)

reverse engineering complete

.. or so I'm told *wink*


A version of LiveSearch that works in Opera, and is more attractive. Thats pretty damn neat.
Here's hoping the LiveSearch gremlins take note and up their game to match :)

will somebody teach me how to reverse engineer stuff?

As soon as I saw it I was thinking "free spam research", and I don't even know how to spam (at least compared to some of the SEO Gods I met in London).

will somebody teach me how to reverse engineer stuff?

There is so much information

There is so much information in this one little tool. Anyone have any idea on how to automate the process?

Wow, I like this. This will b

Wow, I like this. This will be very useful.

seobook, I'd like to know how too. :-) Any hints, people?



Ok, i got asked by a few people to start a Blog... god knows why.. hehehe anyway you will find me posting at webmasterworld, searchenginewatch forums and threadwatch, I will try and post some stuff that should be interesting like my views on Blog Spam ...

ooops nick

Nick can you clean up the trackback link ,.... oops sorry will be more careful in future

Blog Spam

"What's Blog Spam Dave ?", says an unassuming Jason.

As to reverse engineering then it is essentially the non art of taking something to bits so you can learn how to build it up again.

The reverse engineering of a JavaScript based search assistance application *might* be undertaken by looking at the source of a page, realising that ac.js looks interesting then analysing the code within it to understand what goes on when a word is entered.

SEOBook, (great product btw, it is an essential training tool for new staff in this office) if you REALLY want to learn then give me a call.

The reverse engineering of a

The reverse engineering of a JavaScript based search assistance application *might* be undertaken by looking at the source of a page, realising that ac.js looks interesting then analysing the code within it to understand what goes on when a word is entered

They seem to recognise that people (especially their search competitors) might do so though, and have employed perhaps the most obfuscated function naming structure I've ever seen, it baffles me far beyond words could convey.

I expect that perching loftily in their Google offices, those crafty nurds responsible for this bask in the knowledge that they have a well documented piece of code which they stripped of useful comments and additionally did find&replace on all function names ;)

No Dave..

that trackbacks fine - Sometimes i delete them, it all depends. I generally delete when they have just posted a link to TW as part of a much larger, more general post on their own blog which of course makes the trackback less relevant....

In your case, game on! and welcome to blogdom lol...

well It should be fun ..

the programmer really want to start adding code ... oh hum

So Dave..

Tell the nice girls and boys a little about reverse engineering - i'd like to know a bit too :)

>The reverse engineering of a

>The reverse engineering of a JavaScript based search assistance application *might* be undertaken by looking at the source of a page, realising that ac.js looks interesting then analysing the code within it to understand what goes on when a word is entered.

hehe...sounds like a plan

>SEOBook, (great product btw, it is an essential training tool for new staff in this office)

thanks a bunch :)

>if you REALLY want to learn then give me a call.

I am still debating how much of the really cool SEO and programming stuff I want to learn and how much I want to know from afar. In the future I may bug you though :)

>Tell the nice girls and boys

congrats w the new tell all !!!

I never said it was easy...

.. but if you look close enough it *might* take under a minute to understand well enough to know how it functions and allow a functioning protype to be built that could be further automated :)

Ho Hum


OK, Let me just say that the above are wonderful and glorious variables especially when paired with some infomation.

No More Clues ;p

hahaha , AND i have been keep

hahaha , AND i have been keeping my mouth shout all the time about what i know lol ..


Looking to Automate?

I caught this link over at WW:

Suggest Array

Probably a bit easier to scrape.

cough Proxy

dude run that via a proxy ...


Only 1? and don't forget the user agent!

Raining on Parade...

Aloha, TW People ~

I hate to rain on the excited comments about Google's new Suggest feature, but if they implement a tool like this, it will radically bias search traffic towards existing high volume search terms. Those of us who earn some of our income focusing on mid/low-competition search terms, will lose significant traffic and sales, since Google will be shoveling visitors toward the high-volume search terms. It will then make more sense for companies with large ad budgets to even more heavily invest in gaining first page rankings in natural search for these new "super search terms." These preferred search terms will become extremely valuable and competitive, since their traffic ratios will go WAY up. (How could they not?) This *may* be good news to SEOs who are paid to compete for the high-volume search terms, but it's horrible news for small, and even mid-sized, players in many markets who don't have large SEO budgets or the in-house skills to compete at a high level.

Kirk out.


Kirk, im just off to bed so im gonna leave that one for the morning, but i think you have a damn good point bar the fact that i cant ever see that being part of the main screen...

wanted to post this:

Hacking Google Suggest

have fun...

Oh bugger!

Can someone figure out a neat trick for abusing this so google scrap it ;).

Most of my traffic comes from many different keyword combinations. Seems i’m going to have to step up my optimizing notch or learn to spam, anyone run a spamming for dummies course?

Guess this means i’m going to have to spend more money optimizing for the few main terms and more money on adwords, grumble grumble .... :-(

It'll almost certainly never

see mass distribution (ie, used by default on the google homepage) because it can't create ad revenue.

If it puts in adwords, it has to do so inline - where even obvious highlighting will draw cries that there's no good indicator, and that they'll be the first clicked on because they're the first item, and there's no accompanying description, and so on.

Convoluted personage in the above passage :/

AdWords / AdSense Revenue

Smart of you to bring AdWords / AdSense Revenue into the equation, since it's a major factor I hadn't considered.

If one was arguing against your point, couldn't they say that (what I'm calling) the "preferred search terms" would be simply be bid up higher to more than compensate for the loss of revenue with lower clicks on non-preffered terms? That is, that the approach could create scarcity of resource, and thus, a competitive bidding frenzy?


I don't really do adwords, bu

I don't really do adwords, but a competitive bidding frenzy seems like it would be shortlived, simply because the price of the ad would skyrocket (presuming there were only one or two ad slots, given the limited screen space) while the successful conversion rate would quite possibly not improve enough to warrant the exorbitant new bids.

[there was more here, but I couldn't find, at 2AM, a way to write it and have it make sense]

it certainly would be a way t

it certainly would be a way to increase the number of expensive clicks and minimize the cheap ones by discarding many the short term the revenues would rise, but over time they would fall.

the spelling correction would make the web a hell of alot more closed off though and it would make being a fast and first mover far far more important.

if this ever made it to default that would probably be enough to make many a webmaster want to search elsewhere, plus a sudden decrease in a variety of ads would:

  • cause a drastic click price increase
  • cause many businesses to go under who depended on free traffic or cheap to moderately priced adwords traffic. long term less competitors will eventually mean less revenue.
  • encourage the type of click fraud that would entirely undermine their business model.

I think many of the people working at google realize what great power they have AND how fragil their position is. unless they got word of some other search engine doing it and wanted to be first to market I wonder why they would want to put this tool out?

I don't think this technology would be healthy for the web. some searchers would also probably get tired of seeing the same sites and information over again from search queries that the largest sites buy the positions on. if people wanted to see the same voices over and over again they wouldn't be searching, they would be subscribing...and thats gonna be one of Yahoo!s big business models (or so I think)

add to adsense

In a modified form, it could make a useful addition to their adsense Google search tool. The input box could be populated with some kind of adword skewed feed. This might prompt a more targetted search at least.

In a general search sense, I dont think that this thing should ever be the default search option for the homepage. If it were, as pointed out by Aaron, after a time it would annoy the hell out of everyone and damage stickiness.

A little auto-complete checkbox option would be my prefered option.


PHP Function that returns the array of suggested terms...


It also doesn't include quotes, so charlie brown and "charlie brown" return the same results, which is a bit of a shame, but possibly unavoidable given the mountain of regex going on.

Do 'regular' internet users...

...ever use quotes? Ask your uncle (?) to be sure...

I wasn't

mentioning it with regards to normal users, I use quotes, and I've changed my search shortcut to the new suggest one (because really, why not?) and I was just a little disappointed it wasn't able to handle quoted queries.
I'm not really worried about how typical users might make use of it, in all likelihood the problems we've addressed in this thread are amongst the myriad of reasons it'll never make it to default.

I'll look back next year and see what proportion of my referrals contain 'complete=1' though, to be sure ;)

Try this

try the search box on the right:


Even more tools... - we'll prolly all get sick of these things :)

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