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Dave Naylor, a notorious blog spammer, search marketer, fat bloke and all round diamond geezer has a blog!

Presuming he can find time away from the wine to actually post coherently (not the norm) it'll be a fantasitic read!

Dave is a TW member, a good mate and a nice bloke. Go visit his blog and say something rude :)


it's open to Spam..

of course i do know how to 302 hijack ;)



pills or gambling, what should I do ? :D


That blagger tool..very cool..the message made me roll too ;)

A must read for the "creative

A must read for the "creative webmaster"

Virtual Graf

Love it....


I can't believe they let him have a blog ;)

Crappy domain name, though, h

Crappy domain name, though, hhh! I'm not sure if I'll ever blog, but just in case, I just bought a killer domain name via a broker (7 characters, no hyphens, dotcom, VERY strong on the blog mindset/theme, 1.7m returns for the phrase, and instant brand). Maybe I'll post it when the transfer is complete ...just to give Dave "domain envy."

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