GoogleTunes a possibility?


Following their now traditional route of pushing UI tweaks out there, and seeing if anyone notices it, Google seem to be adding yet another way to push organic results down the SERPs, and maybe sell some stuff, without seeming evil.

The sharp-eyed ukgimp has seen a new musical insertion - oo-er! I did some small tests of my own, and it seems that the musical note can be replaced with an image of a record cover, presumably if G can locate one in their database.

Following the "More music" link leads to a page full of album and track listings.... surely the massive online CD and music download market would make a good place to start testing the GBuy product? At the moment they offer links to iTunes, Napster etc - why not take an extra bite out of that cherry?


You mean g-tunes ;-)

You mean g-tunes ;-)

I can't pinpoint when I

I can't pinpoint when I first noticed that but I think it was sometime around the beginning of the year. Though it might have been mentioned in a couple of places back then I, of course, can't find them now.

If you can't find them, they

If you can't find them, they don't exist (unless you saw them through Google itself - then you've got a Bad Data Push to contend with, LOL)

Gimpy still has it :)

I have recently been quite

I have recently been quite the music junkie (and was searching hundreds of weird lyrics searches to find a cheesy song I didnt know the band, song name, or lyrics of). The music onebox is pretty old.

But of course I am sure eventually the depth of selection in a vertical will have something to do with who is willing to pay for exposure.

Yeah I mentioned that here on TW

Mon, 2006-06-26 23:48 here

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