Tips for a Winning Email Campaign

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Welcome Messages Get Highest Open Rates of All Email Campaigns: How to Improve Yours
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Unsurprisingly, research shows that the most read email of any new newsletter sign up is the welcome mail. Mktg Sherpa have some pretty nice tips on improving yours. Here's the short version, check out the threadlink above for the full shebang...

  • Welcome coupons
  • For corporates - 20 words of personalized welcome & copy of last letter
  • For long sales cycles - break the welcome up over several emails - keep it personal and include one educational facet of the overal picture in each
  • For repeat biz, like hotel bookings - Pre & Post sale warm fuzzy emails

There's a ton more detail at the article itself so if you run email news letters or anything similar check it out, it's pretty good.