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Bloggers prophesying doomsday for Adsense is nothing new... it's as old as Adsense itself. However I find it hard to refute the inexorable trend across most niches, that holding all things constant, EPC (and earnings in general) are either flat or in decline.

Now, the effect doesn't hurt too badly for many Adsensers as the decreasing payout is more or less canceled out by the increase in traffic most webmasters also receive over time. And in reality it's not 'doomsday', more like a 'market correction' as more advertisers are now bidding closer to the true value of a click on the content network (measured by their respective analytics packages).

But I have to agree with SuperAff that publishing opportunities centering around Adsense are becoming less attractive by the day... and I find myself doing less and less on the Adsense side and building sites around affiliate opportunities instead.

I see the adsense game becoming one big circle jerk. The money earned decreases, so you build more pages to maintain your income level. Money decreases, build more. Money decreases, build more until it’s all one continuous flow and you see webmasters at their keyboards 16 hrs a day trying to maintain that ‘easy money’.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it :lol: .


Tough to argue

I concur. My focus is "other than Adsense" profit opportunities at the moment because I noticed the same effect as you described.

It's demotivational in a way. When you start feeling like you're an indentured servant to Google, it's time to change your strategy.

I disagree

AdSense is "zero sum", there are as many winners as losers on any day.

Have a look at any of those ghastly WMW AdSense threads, put one up that says "today was my worst day ever" and lots of turkeys will add their agreement

Put up another thread saying that your earnings are on the way up, and again you attract the ones that are on the other side of the sine curve.

Personally I find I get a long curve over a period of months with eCPC gently going up then sliding down, then going up...

I don't totally agree.. I

I don't totally agree.. I have/had continuous changes in the earnings, over time .. But those were up and down too..

In the last year, I would say that they maintained themselves at the same level.

As cornwall says, some have a situation some have the other.. The truth is in the middle.

The Law Of Diminishing Returns

Is news? ;)

Not zero sum

Adsense is NOT zero-sum. The market itself is changing constantly, along with budgets allocated to different marketing media and respective subsectors.

To quote from:

a small cake could not be distributed to 10,000 people, because the cuts necessary would destroy the cake

I think the Adsense cake is getting too many cuts and Google is smart to be looking into the CPA model


Why in the hell would TW post AdSense hysteria?

All this recent AdSense noise is starting to sound like WMW...

Losing faith, sometimes it's just best to let a slow news day be slow.

Andy does have a point, I

Andy does have a point, I have watched Adsense on my blogs for over a year now, just when I start earning a little it drops off and I am forced to do something even more creative and useful. It is a strange marriage but I am not out to make money with adsense, I use it as a way of determining how good my content is, it's a free search engine study for those who have time watch.

Just a few weeks back my income increased on the sites I consider to be most useful to my visitors; it almost looks like the level reached will stick this time but this took a year and a hell of a lot of work.

Not yet ready to say it sucks here but will let you know next year around this time.


I'm with ya about all the noise and conspiracy theories. I certainly don't have all the data.

I am however *nearly* in the UPS club, with ~50 sites using adsense (different formats & niches) spread across several unlinked-Adsense accounts. And there's a definite trend.

I don't chalk it up to 'conspiracy' - I think it's more like Adsense publishers are now closer to getting paid what they SHOULD be getting paid now that ROI is being tracked better -- and I now view the 'good old days of 04' (pre-smart pricing) as an aberration when payouts/bids weren't as strongly linked to value/ ROI.

Yes indeed, a good time to

Yes indeed, a good time to figure out how to really make some money. :)

Adsense Hysteria?


My point with the article on SuperAff was that too many adsense publishers leave out the value offered to advertisers. You know that whole auto generated, spam mfa content that is flooding the serps.

Advertisers get crap => they pay crap. And as the crap trend continues and grows unchecked, paydays decrease.

Now I'm off to be hysterical over at my blog again ;).


Here's why I think all the too many page discussions are a bit bizarre as I have a TON of pages on a single site which almost breaks the UPS club 3 months every year and then backslides a little.

I augment my income with a few other programs and direct advertising for other reasons, like too many eggs in one basket, yada yada.

Why mine goes up and down is simple in that there are a couple of times of the year, and it's not Xmas, the advertisers climb all over each other to get noticed. The minute that frenzy is over it drops back to where it was. Doesn't matter if I add pages, yank pages, block advertisers, unblock advertisers, the same 3 months every year goes insane. It's not just AdSense either, all my ads skyrocket for a time every year and then calm back down.

Nature of the beast.

My wife on the other hand has a much lower traffic site and it gets monster AdSense payouts per click, if I could get her payouts and my traffic.... sigh. But she has more narrow niche with bidders clawing at each other for customers where my nice is wider and the payouts vary wildly per page. However, I won't toss a page because in my experience, all I do is losw that income to no avail.

Makes me wonder how much other speculation on AdSense trends is simply lack of knowledge of the advertising trends for that particular industry?

Could Be...

Makes me wonder how much other speculation on AdSense trends is simply lack of knowledge of the advertising trends for that particular industry?

Could be it right there. I really don't think (as a non-SuperGuru Expert) that it's a false direction though to move towards publishers aiming to provide real value to the advertisers who pay for it all and cull the crap to ensure everyone sees the best returns they can. Time will tell.

Google Checking Visitor Info?

I believe google uses some algorithms to determine stuff like repeat visitors and time spent on site (google toolbar) to determine the value of a site showing ads. Could I be right?

Google and the Furby

That fuzzy creature that "talked". Google has many algarithms but they also let the public create a mystery around it too. I believe that there are people that make things happen such as a mispelled word resulting in "did you mean ..." -
Its easy to start giving them credit for something that appears to exist.

We have a winner

Makes me wonder how much other speculation on AdSense trends is simply lack of knowledge of the advertising trends for that particular industry?

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

Me thinks the trendline looks like this...

Let's see, yesterday was good, today is less good. Downtrend. But if tommorrow is more good than less good it's an uptrend. If the following day reverts to less good after having been more good, or just good for that matter, then the trend is wildly unpredictable.


I believe google uses some

I believe google uses some algorithms to determine stuff like repeat visitors and time spent on site (google toolbar) to determine the value of a site showing ads. Could I be right?

I have some sites where visitors have come and gone quickly that earn a good amount per click.

I still think the notion of getting paid less for the same work (the point of the thread) is both obvious and worth noting though.

Hysteria or Reality?

I mentioned this many times in the past year and I think it has some coorelation to the fact that Google has no quality control with their adsense program. I always felt a good percent of those in the content network were not aware what it was, nor aware at the poor conversions it brought.

There has to be a natural trend in the evolution of Adsense. I'm guessing a mix of advertisers getting smarter, Adsense sites being built faster than advertisers are added, and an overall lack of quality that content brings to advertisers now in many industries (it still works in some).

Until Google decides to work with good publishers, advertisers will be hurt. In the long run, when advertisers are hurt, the good publishers will be hurt as well.

Meanwhile, I just snicker


PubCon at Vegas 2005 more than paid for itself several times because I was inducted into the Yahoo Publishers Network. My piss ass small site with just a few thousand visitors a day (80% repeat) earns me more money from a single (one) adblock than AdSense on a PR 6 site w/ several times the amount of traffic; and no, it's clear and i do not mine for trick clicks at all.

something more creative and useful

more creative and useful


;-0 wurd!



Random Acts

AdSense income can be tweaked and manipulated but there are always those random acts of insanity when for no apparent reason the eCPM drops like a stone. Vagaries of the gods or whatever - forget the conspiracy theories Shit Happens.....

I agree other options help. But unless there has been an across the board drop in advertising in the industries you blog on then keep going and try not to micro manage.

Or you can go for the straight arbitrage game - now there is an industry with legs!

Have you clicked on a link today to make 'em pay ?

There are some organizations which I feel especially eager to click ads for. When their ad appears I enthusiastically click it for that satisfaction knowing that they will pay for the ad.

Notice that when you Goog for "target" that the store's name come as the #1 but not as a paid ad. You have to type "target store sales" to get a sponsored link

When you type Kmart they have a sponsored ad bingo on the listing. The SEO at Kmart didn't even need that sponsored listing and they are paying for it. If a user types Kmart it is pretty clear.

Goog has many in a vicious circle and some are waking up while others are entering the circle.

Noob Debut Goes Sour

Ok, I'll bite...

Kmart bids for that Premium Sponsored listing because they'd be f'ing morons to let one of their competitors own the hottest real estate on the page. You double your chances at traffic, you get to display two marketing messages, and you cockblock one of your competitors from capitalizing on your brand recognition traffic.

Seriously, let's put on our thinking caps before we jump in the Threadwatch Pool.

biting back?

If they were so smart wouldn't they own Kmart flyer and kmart coupon(s) and kmart sales and the like? They've got some doubled up, as noted, and they've completely missed others. Shopzilla's got them outbid on anything shopping (even KMart shopping), and even ebay takes the top spot for some where there is no other competition at all.

I'd say their asleep and a bit lucky, but I'm not AdWords Certified so what do I know.

C'mon, John. It wasn't a

C'mon, John. It wasn't a total account review of Kmart. It was a pretty specific question and a pretty specific answer.

But, yes, you're right. They don't exactly have an Autobytel PPC effort.

it's so easy to look bad

It's easy to look like a loser. Then again, it's easy to be a loser. I just wanted to check if they knew what they were doing (securing the top spots) or not. Seems not.

I guess I continue to be amazed that big money is thrown at automated spending systems (like AdWords) with so little active engagement. It's not like KMart is a premium vendor, flush with cash.

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