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Women Online Have New Tech Attitude, According to Survey
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Intel have just released findings from a study commisioned from Harris Interactive on american adult womens attitudes to technology.

From the above threadlinked press release:

A new, tech-savvy woman has emerged and Intel calls her "Tif," short for Technology Involved Female. She spans generations and backgrounds, from the young women who have grown up with technology, to women who have been exposed to technology at work, to motivated self-learners. Tif is closing the technology gender gap, with women at the youngest end of the spectrum actually surpassing men in their intent to purchase a laptop. Half of young women say their next computer will be a laptop as compared to 43 percent of men their same age

and some quick figures for you:

  • 58% of women feel as lost as men do (56%) if they dont check email once a day
  • 62% are enthusiastic about learning new features on their PC's (men 66%)
  • Women lead the way with wireless adoption - 39% vs 29% feel it's important
  • Women are less tolerant of poor experiences - they want it to work, and work now.

The survey concludes that women still lag behind men in some areas including confidence in their decision to purchase computers. "According to the survey, men are more likely than women to be confident in their technology purchases," said David Krane, senior vice president of Public Policy and Public Relations Research at Harris Interactive. "It makes sense for companies, such as Intel, to focus on women as a key audience and to create programs that educate them about technology."

Im certain there will be some opinions on this one, Elizabeth Albrycht was less than impressed.



"The Intel/Harris Interactive survey reveals women (58 percent) feel as lost as their male counterparts(3) (56 percent) if they don't check email at least once per day."

Only ONCE PER DAY?! Amateurs.

Wow...women are like...people!

It's funny when studies like this set out to identify the difference between the genders only to find out that they are only a few percentage points apart... so close that the margin of error makes them statistically the same.

There are just as many technology-phobic men as women and technology-addicted women as there are men. Amazing! ;)

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