ZDNET : Google 'baby steps' from Ebay like Auctions


ZDNET is noting that Google is only inches away from setting up their own Ebay like auction... Aaron get's a mention in the article as well :)
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Ooh, they called him a

Ooh, they called him a "blogger." Yecch!

as long as they link they

as long as they link they can call me whatever they like :)

Makes Sense

I can't imagine this not being a profitable venture for Google.

Good idea

First thing I've seen Google possibly getting into other than search that I think holds some promise for them to actually make some money. And yes, ebay could use some competition. Except chances are reasonable that Google might wipe out ebay. We all know how quick consumer traffic can move in this industry. And I'm not so happy with the idea of Google dominating yet another area online.

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