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I recently launched a free Firefox extension named SEO for Firefox which pulls a ton of marketing data into Google and Yahoo! search results. Currently it only works on the global and during the beta release.



Nailed it again Aaron, works slow but Nice at Yahoo! (Using the default 1 sec delay), seems to have some kind of a glitch on google (I'm using customize goog as well as many other extensions, good thing It's Beta :-) ).

Great Tool

Thank you.


I've been hoping for something like this to come along.

What's unique about this

What's rather unique about this is there's actually some decent documentation on the install page that tells you how to use it. :).

Nice job Aaron.


Thanks Aaron. This is a convenient tool. After I ran it on my competition, I went looking at old test sites that I would not otherwise have bothered to look at, with very little cognitive effort.

This will help dispel the PR myth for sure (for at least as long as it works).

I'm sorry to say this, but

I'm sorry to say this, but IT ROCKS DUDE ..

Thanks ..

I believe this extension

I believe this extension does not work well with CustomizeGoogle.

That is awesome

Very nice job Aaron. Total link queries just rose about 1000% ;)

Killer Good

This extension kicks ass.

Thanks Aaron

Thanks for the sweet tool Aaron! Can I spread word of it now?

Can I spread word of it

Can I spread word of it now?

Hmm. No ? :-)

Customize Google

I'm using it with customize google and works fine for me. I updated my list of installed extentions if you want to compare for debugging purposes

hmm...wonder why others said

hmm...wonder why others said they didnt work together

btw, if anyone could hook me up with a Digg that would be cool :)!

great addition to my firefox

thank you for the new FF extension Aaron.

Jonathan Nelson

btw, if anyone could hook me

btw, if anyone could hook me up with a Digg

Well you got my 2cents :)

a great tool

That's a great tool - thankyou very much


Works well with 2 small issues:

a) the AGE links all showed as broken to me and coughed up this error from their server:*/

"Bad Request

Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand."

b) the error "WARNING: UNRESPONSIVE SCRIPT" popped up on every page but my default is 100 results, lowering the total results returned is an obvious workaround on my end, but I just clicked to let the script continue running

Can't wait to see what's coming with your next update!

And of course... THANKS, this will help!

Updated again (minor update)

Updated again (minor update) to improve reliability.

Do you do your own coding

Do you do your own coding Aaron ?



love itbut I'm having the

love it

but I'm having the error too

oh - and can I suggest you use for the link count?

sorry - I know everyone will have their 2cents worth


Great tool, absolutely fantastic.

I'm sure there will be tweaks like GerBot suggested above, but this is a great foundation for something that will save a lot of time. Nice.

It would be cool if we could enter *what* gets pinged in the options, for suggestion like GerBot's.

I will look into the

I will look into the 400 errors.

The other features might take a bit to roll in, since my programmer is also my designer and I have him working on lots of different things.

My programmer was actually giving me shit for all the Yahoo! queries and said that he thought if we were doing that many that we should just set up a framework to let people do it themselves. Should have listened to him. I was just in a rush to get something out so I could get him started on another project I was hoping to have done by now.

Soon enough I will try to get him back on this extension to make it more flexible.

Aaron rocks.....

Ok - I'm 45 - the Rolling Stones still rock....

But I was just trying to adequately ennunciate my enthusiasm for this new tool in two words.

Its the duck's guts mate.

Aaron W. is getting all Web

Aaron W. is getting all Web 2.0 on us, just an observation.

duck's guts ?

Dogs Bollocks?

Aaron Deserves a medal for this one

Aaron that is awesome.. freaking awesome!!!

Thank you for giving this out to free for everyone... amazing..

only works on yahoo for me

only works on yahoo for me for some reason

Aaron, this is great!

The Age isn't showing up right for me. In the example screencaps, it's showing a date like 6-2004 - in mine it's showing just a single number and those aren't right. (for example 12 on a 7 year old site, 0 on an 8 year old site) Anyone else see this?


I think is a bit

I think is a bit whacked right now...even if you go and query directly on their site it is hosed.

Color me confused

Pulls in PR on Google, nothing else. Doesn't pull anything in Yahoo.

Might it be because the machine I installed it on still runs W2K?

Nice One Aaron


did you set the options to

did you set the options to pull in other stuff Jim? by default most of them are not on until you set them on.

Well, duh! Guess I should

Well, duh! Guess I should RTFM.


Aaron said

I believe this extension does not work well with CustomizeGoogle.

SlyOldDog said

only works on yahoo for me for some reason

FWIW I deleted CustomizeGoogle FF extension and got Aaron's extension to work on Google. With CustomizeGoogle in place Google was not delivering any info with Aaron's extension.

Holy crap...

Not to pile on, but this thing may be the final straw to get me switched from Safari to Firefox. Genius.......

Thanks, Aaron.

customize google

here's a screenshot of it running with customize google. I don't have everything turned on but it is pulling data.

Side note I did go through firefox pretty recently and cleaned out a bunch of crap and replaced some other wonkadoodle extensions with ones that are more stable. I also reviewed the problematic extensions page to fine tune things a bit.

an old paranoid seo

Aaron, I think it is a very handy tool, but it also leaves one hell of a footprint. I'd be careful using it and flush your cookies and pop your IP before and after using it.
But I am like that, I'm an old paranoid seo.

Hundreds of people

Hundreds of people bookmarked it and over 600 people Dugg it, so it has a decent distribution level (most like at least a couple thousand downloads by now).

awesome tool, timesaver

Sorry just had to add to all the previous hand jobs, nice tool aaron.

Just adding to one of the many reason FF still rules, extensions and tools like this save so much time.


This rocks. Nice job, Aaron.

Just Beautiful...


Thanks, and where did you say to drop the donations?

it works on international

it works on international SERPs now.

New update works for me

Thanks Aaron, that rocks.

Webpronews is one of the

Webpronews is probably one of the worst sources of info on the web. But it doesn't matter. It's a link right ?

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