Google: We're Irrelevant Go See Yahoo


In what's going to be a classic "bad data push" if I ever saw one, searching for [therapy products] on Google right now, they ask if you want to see the results for Yahoo (screen shot). Really makes you wonder what the heck is going on over at the plex lately doesn't it?

hat tip to Seth Godin


Yes indeed, I noticed other

Yes indeed, I noticed other examples like this today but figured it would also be fixed before anyone mentioned it. You won't find me blowing the whistle on Google now, they are currently lookin' extremely good. ;)

I love it

That is comical.

You guys / girls know this is exactly the point 10 years ago when Altavista started to become alittle less popular.

you sure?

Aren't they saying that Yahoo needs therapy products?

Me too

I was doing some research on "banks" and was absolutely amazed with the results. Yahoo good. Google referred to Yahoo!, otherwise mostly irrelevant results.
MSN well, every employee working on their search needs to be fired...immediately

How in the .... ?

I don't even see how Yahoo would have anything to do with this. It seems like things went to mush when Matt Cutts went on vacation. Could there be a relationship?


i mean gbye

AltaVista's Black Monday

You guys / girls know this is exactly the point 10 years ago when Altavista started to become alittle less popular.

I think you're a bit early. AltaVista's Black Monday was October 25, 1999

AltaVista had a major relaunch, redesign, and changed content. On October 25, 1999, they unveiled a new logo, a new slogan, and a new overall design. They dropped their own Usenet database and replaced it with one from RemarQ and added a news database of searchable newswire stories. They adjusted their relevance algorithm boosting the importance of links and began clustering results by site, although results can be unclustered using the advanced search. Company fact sheets show up for many results, drawn from Hoovers and a domain registry database.

With the relaunch, AltaVista began a major advertising campaign featuring their new "Smart is Beautiful" slogan. Part of the advertising copy included claims of a new larger index with 250 million individual pages. While there was certainly a size increase, AltaVista also managed to lose many of the sites it had formerly indexed. These have mostly been added back to the database, but there could still be some missing. LookSmart categories are certainly gone, replaced by the Open Directory. Otherwise, all the search features such as field searching, +, Boolean, NEAR, and limits all work as they did before the relaunch. (my bold)

October 25th is benchmark date in search - those who ignore history are destined to repeat it....

Sounds more like a wish than

Sounds more like a wish than a possible conclusion my bitter friend. ;)


That's f'd up!


yes, I don't ever hear my

yes, I don't ever hear my friends complaining about google. Of course I don't have any friends who are SEOs (who does?)

The "See Results For"

The "See Results For" section is driven by people refining their search. It also works when there are a quite low number of searches e.g type This Et Al and it used to suggest See Results For "This Et Al" (exact string) - and believe me there aren't many people using that search phrase. Up until recently that band's website wasn't visible with the first search.

It just says a large percentage of the people who typed "Therapy Products" into Google didn't click on any of the results and refined their search to "Yahoo". Now, if that isn't a hint that Google results are poor, what is?

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