Big things afoot from MSN?

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MSN to Announce Important News via Teleconference
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the MSN press conference scheduled for today (also featured on the MSN Blog) is going to be worth listening to. Speculation anyone?

just felt we should show willing and add something in Nicks absense ;)


Whick post?

Hey Gurtie, which post is it?

scroll down

to below the screenshot - 10th December.

got it

thanks gurtie! have changed the link.

thought that was a very odd post when i saw it, guess it could be interesting though.. I couldnt work out what he was talking about, is it definately about the MSN thing? or are we waiting for some lame press realease? hheh! :-)

whoops - different things

ok the Search Engine Lowdown entry is a different thing - sorry I just read them one after another this morning and my little brain is fuddled before the first coffee of the day :)


Got a more relevant link Gurtie? my brain is a bit addled through lack of sleep today also :)

from the horses mouth

and "announcing a significant new MSNĀ® service" on the press pages

hate to tell you but according to my mum you won't sleep properly for the next 16 or so years - she thinks there was about three nights, somewhere between my teething and discovering boys, when she wasn't awake for one reason or another ;)


Thanks Gurtie, fixed the link :)


Yep, that's what my mum says too!

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