Email Newsletter Software: What do you recommend?


I have a client who wants to take the emails from his web form and place them into a database for a newsletter. (All legit, no scraping and no auto subscribe checkboxes.)

I want an off the shelf software package that will easily allow my client who knows very little html to write up a newsletter to some or all of his email list. I'd also like this software to track and give some metrics if that is possible.

I've found a few packages, but many seem to be "web only" implementions where you go to somebody's web site and use their server for all of this and pay a monthly fee.

But frankly, I don't trust any of them not to sell the client list to somebody else.

Any suggestions?


Good application with amazing support

I've had great luck with for many years for the High Rankings Advisor newsletter. Robert from Search Engine Guide also uses them.

Boy Howdy... You'd think

Boy Howdy...

You'd think listmail pro would make their price easier to is buried in the fine print at the bottom.

Is there an advantage to

Is there an advantage to using a service for this over just getting a script and hosting it yourself?

hosting it yourself...

Leaves you with potential problems of having your own IP black-listed for sending spam. Even double-opted in e-mails get flagged as spam, esp by AOL users who hit the 'report spam' button rather than bother to unsubscribe to what they originally subscribed to! You ISP may also complain if you start sending large volumes of e-mail.

Try VerticalResponse's

Try VerticalResponse's iBuilder

>esp by AOL users who hit

>esp by AOL users who hit the 'report spam' button rather than bother to unsubscribe

I admit to doing that, at least to newsletters that make it nearly impossible to unsubscribe to. I hate when I have something I have to "login" to to tweak my preferences. Just give me a link.


The good services have a relationship with the larger ISPs such as comcast and AOL to better ensure that your email goes through.

I like phplist

very easy to use and 1 click unsubscribe :)

PhpList can't beat

PhpList can't beat free!

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