Click Fraud Could Save the World


The July issue of Wired has an article documenting some of the plans of, the charitable arm of the Google empire. The article, which can be read online here, notes that will be given Google shares worth over $1 billion, as well as 1% of the company's profits and 1% of its employees -- the last item being what Larry Brilliant, the man heading up, says is its biggest asset.

The most important asset isn't money, it's people. One percent of the people means 60 or 70 of the smartest people in the world trying to solve some of the biggest problems in the world.

Brilliant goes on to note in the article that many of the world's biggest problems are really information problems. He offers avian flu as an example.

There’s a 10 to 15 percent chance that H5N1 will achieve escape velocity and mutate to be transmitted from human to human. If it does, between 100 million and 300 million people will die. The world will incur costs of $1 trillion to $3 trillion. But there’s an 85 to 90 percent chance of it not happening. How do you think this through with a government that is anti-science? How does one decide when experts don’t agree? Information is the key. Google can help make good information ubiquitous.

So what do you think? If you combine Google's technological innovations, with what it has done to help expand Internet commerce (and thus create opportunities for wealth for millions, and probably yourself as well) with charity efforts like this one, can we say that Google is the Greatest Corporation in the History of the ENTIRE Known Universe?

Or maybe it is Microsoft who deserves that honor -- after all they pioneered the PC revolution, and helped produce Bill Gates, who now is also trying to save the world (like, literally).

To the giants of tech: I salute you. May your corporate greed rage unabated, and may you continue to go on ruthlessly and unapologetically commmoditizing small businesses everywhere. The world depends on it.


I hope China can receive the

I hope China can receive the information if it does spread.

China will

know it for sure as it is the place outbreaks usually start. The question is, will they tell the people and when.

Bill Gates, Satanist?

You should really check that article out. Find out why Buffett gave all his monies to Gates. Basically to be a billionaire today you must develop something that would further the Panopticon (the walless prison where the elite know what you'll do in advance). Either the datamine and sieve to find out what you're thinking (Goog + Yhoo + MSN) or the software to actually peruse it (MSFT).


Any attempt at solving key problems can only be applauded, but I fear reducing them to effective "informational problems" or even mathematical principles may be too idealist than practical.

Google may want to help persuade governments to be more pro-science on Avian flu issues - but it was reported earlier here at Threadwatch that Google's lobbying at Washington was mis-directed and potentially poorly implemented. It would be a shame to see similar criticisms directed at good cause projects.

Also, Avian Flu is a big scary bogey man for rich countries, because it could strike regardless of personal wealth - whereas malnutrition and basic access to clean water and food are perhaps more serious problems for the overall world population.

However, these latter issues are firmly tied up more complicated economic factors. Agricultural subsidies in Western countries act as a tool for economic oppression for developing world farmers. And the charitable organisations mantra of "give a man the tools to fish" fall foul of the land economy when tenants suddenly able to sustainably feed themselves, suddenly find their their rents and taxes unsustainably increased.

Anyway, best wishes for Google on this. The more people who can work to address global human problems, the more likely it is we can eventually solve them - I hope.

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