IBM wants to be the Google of Entreprise Search

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IBM is building software it hopes will make it the Google of corporate-search technology
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As IBM dumps it's PC biz it's making a play for a higher margin software / solution model:

The new database-related software will let corporate customers store documents in XML, or Extensible Markup Language, format, which will greatly speed up text-related queries, she said. An early, or alpha, version of the tool is being tested with about 30 customers and is expected to be completed in the second half of next year. IBM has not named the product or decided how to package it.


The problem is not IBM's tech

The problem is not IBM's technology. Its their sales people. IBM sells through a very bizzare range of channels, including VARS, their own consultants (don't assume they're vendor neutral).

It will be bundled in with a bizzare version of websphere and will probably be forgotten by most people by the end of the year.

IBM NEVER made money on selling PCs. They made money on financing, services and the big iron.

This has been bugging me the

This has been bugging me the whole afternoon.

The solution is not storing XML documents in databases, thats dumb and pointless when you look at what sort of data accurately represents a corporation! Think SAP, CICS, DB2, ISAM, Db/400, etc etc etc.

You don't mix data with presentation and XML belongs in the presentation space.

Would be cool to see a Google Search Appliance with JCA (Java Connector Architecture) hooks to allow the appliance to directly query anything that can be accessed by JCA .. CICS transactions, Shopping cart databases....

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