Steal from me? Get Ready to Pay!


I just settled a claim today for £2,000 damages plus legal costs against a local business that copied and displayed just a few of my pages on their website for a few months. The matter was dealt with by specialist lawyers who agreed to do it on a contingency basis i.e. no win no fee. If only more people would have a go it might make the thieves think twice.


Congrats CabbageLooking, I

Congrats CabbageLooking, I guess the beers are on you today.

Can you give more details - URLs etc?
Are you advising that every alleged intellectual property theft should be handled in this way?
When do you believe IP is stolen rather than fair use used?

OMG .. I'm so proud of you

OMG .. I'm so proud of you man ..

Plagiarism is becoming more and more frustating each day.

I think I had all my websites ripped one way or the other.

I wish a local business

I wish a local business would rip me off. I'd save the money on lawyers.

2nd time round this block.

I had 40 pages ripped off two years ago and they were displayed for about 6 months. The same lawyers got me £15,000 plus legal costs. I've got copysentry on quite a lot of my sites now and I've been astonished by just how much has been ripped off. Most isnt worth the effort but if someone does it in my own backyard its certainly worth a go if it costs nothing. I've got quite a few more robbers in my crosshairs at the moment.
Just to clarify, as requested, my pages contain about 500 words of original text relevant to my topic and it was simply the text which was copied and pasted in full or in part onto a competitors website.
I can certainly supply details of the solicitors for any potential UK claims if privately requested.


I wouldn't mind knowing the name of your lawyer actually !

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