The MySpace Missing Children Petition


Last month I decided to try and affect some meaningful change in this world ours, SEO style, and came up with The MySpace Missing Children Petition. Basically it is a petition I drew up, and posted in myspace TO myspace, that requests that they show us geo-targeted profiles of children that have gone missing in our areas based on our zip codes. There is also an ad component to make use of the eyeballs that can’t be converted into a successful recovery of a kid, to help sell it to the engines[...]

I AM looking to contact EVERY major engine out there and so I’m looking for friends in high places that are willing to 'fight the good fight' ...and I apparently don’t know too many:) To help, Danny suggested I post about it in his Padded Room (knowing my propensity towards violence) but I see Dave posted about it on his site and told me to post it in here for you all, as well... I need your help. I need eyeballs. As many as you can get me. And I need them now.


Add a post on my forums

Added a post on my forums asking folks to pop along and sign the petition.

Have you had any feedback from Myspace about the idea yet?

Cudos dogboy.

I admire your effort on this and been following it from day 1. I wish you all of luck with this and I certainly hope some of the folks higher up will notice and eventually make Myspace add your feature.

Good work bro!

Might just have been me, but

Might just have been me, but the "add" function broke.... I'll try again later

>Have you had any feedback

>Have you had any feedback from Myspace
Unfortunately, no. it will be 3 weeks on Monday since they first got a look at my certified, winged snail. I would expect some kind of generic 'thank you for your feedback... blah blah... we will get back to you if we need to' type thing within a month(?) That is, if they do anything. I don't know their plan ...just mine:)

>been following it from day 1
...Rumbas, you and Dave are knights among men ...except Dave looks better in Black:) heeheh seriously, if either one of you ever want to enter the Chicken Fighter's Association World Championships with me, I bet we'd have a shot at the Cup:)

> the "add" function broke
heeheheh the irony:) Our outgoing mail has been broken for a month:) the funny thing is, I got a very short email about 2 weeks ago saying that they were aware of the problem and to 'please be patient.' heheheeh but, hey, it's free... just like Dmoz:) {hold me back! hold me back!} Nah, j/k:)

I swear, I think they genuinely have a huge problem on their hands. Mail all over the place went funky around the 13th of June. It WAS quite fortuitous that our mail broke exactly half way through my calling "the Great Bulletin Board Riot of 06" off, so I thought I was getting slowly put to death in the most heinous of passive aggressive acts.... but now I genuinely think it just broke:)

The REALLY crazy part is that depending on how they handle it, it could very likely send out our barrage of letters from LAST month that just stayed 'sent' until I caught on. heehheehh I'm locked in a room with either a dud grenade, or one with a very slow fuse... but I threw out the pin on this one a long time ago:)

I just think they are just growing faster than anticipated. If you read that other SEW thread, then you know I was screaming that in there. Tom even sent out a bulletin to try and hire some more .Net programmers... and people even reposted for him so others (that had deleted him) could still get the word. Very cool way of advertising IMHO... my man obviously knows a thing or two about promotion himself:) heeheheh from 2003 to 2005?-6? he and his buddy sold it for 530M USD? AND he's still friends with tens of millions of people and making a hundred thousand(?) or so NEW ones every single day of the week.

Now, if I could only get him to post amber alerts:)

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