Still no sign of Nick W jnr - Continued - Robyn Sophia has arrived..

Thanks again everyone, ive locked the original thread where you can catch a couple of pics as there is a small bug in the system that makes the recent posts links a bit funky with threads that run to 2 pages or more :)

Robyn has had a lovely day, most of it asleep but under mid-wife advice had a small walk with the dogs this evening and seemed to like the outdoors very much. Ivana is now going to bed with her and i cant say i fancy her chances of rest...

I have also changed my first nappy. It was disgusting :)


Congrats on your new alarm clock!

She's adorable Nick. Well done!

She's absolutely gorgeous

What an artistic picture too! Enjoy these moments... I know everyone says it but they grow up before you know it.

Best wishes to you and Ivana. :)


Hey, Nick & Ivana, that's fantastic news. Congratulations and the very best to you all.


congratulations nick and ivana

thanks for sharing your experience.


And hello Nick's Mum!

One last photo

Then the rest go on her blog :-)

Happy daddy...

Hi grandma



My Adorable Grandaughter

What a little Angel, I am so proud, and can't wait to see all of you soon. She is a lucky little girl having such great parents. xxx

Beautiful Baby & Beautiful Wife

Many warm wishes to all of you. Congratulations from bethabernathy, sammyb, willyb, and paulb.

Beautiful baby!

Congrats to you both, Nick and Ivana. Get some sleep, eh... :)

Change your life more than anything else

I missed your event as we have been taking a few days off, touring round Spain.

Congratulations, it will change your life more than anything else, and the great news is that it gets tougher as they get older

Great News -- Congratulations

Congratulations to you and Ivana. Many happy years ahead of you all! :)


To you three!


Congrats to you both - hope you're getting *some* sleep


Cute kid! Congrats.


Congratulations! She's so cute :)

No matter how tired or sore parents get, babies have this amazing way of making you adore them, no matter what. The pic of Ivana and Robyn is beautiful...I'm very happy for you Proud Papa!


>I have also changed my first nappy. It was disgusting :)

Newborns' nappies are sheer fun compared to what's in store. Or did you really mean "MY first nappy"? -Ewww.

P.S.: get all your visitors NOW, while you still have help (I hope), and the lil'un likes to sleep a lot...