ICANN: .jobs & .mobi given Preliminary Okay

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Two domain names get preliminary OK
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ICANN have given the sponsor proposed TLD's .JOBS and .MOBI a preliminary nod of approval.

I tend to agree with techdirts point about the .mp domains not really being needed and although i can see more use in it than .mobi, the .jobs tld is well, superfluous to say the least.

The .jobs domain situation is even worse. Were people really having that much trouble finding the "jobs" pages on various company websites? That seems unlikely. In fact, the stories we've seen suggest recruiters are being inundated with resume spam from undeserving candidates. All this really means is that all these companies will now feel the need to go out and register their company name with the .jobs registrar, even if they have no real need for it.

This from the AP story threadlinked above:

Sponsored by leading mobile phone and technology companies, including Nokia Corp., Microsoft Corp. and T-Mobile, the ".mobi" domain would set apart Web sites and other services that are specially designed to work around the limitations of cell phones, including their smaller screen size and data capacity.

and this:

The ".jobs" suffix, meanwhile, would go to members of the human resources community.

A company might keep job postings at "Company.jobs," rather than force visitors to navigate the main site, whose home page tends to have only general information about a company and its products.

You can also find the ICANN .job & .mobi prosal details here

Well, what do you think, are they useless or fantastic? I'll be getting a .mobi for sure but im not convinced on either tld...

via techdirt


When is .web coming?

seriously, it was thrown out in the mid 1990s and still nothing...

like .post

which was authorised a couple of months ago - WHY?

.travel will great when it comes in - but instantly oversubscribed, and I still think .xxx has a very good case.

.mb & .mobi?

I don't understand the difference between .mb and .mobi. They sound like they have the same purpose. What gives?

its called getting in there first.....

.mobi is designed for mobile services - I think .mp is actually a country specific tld for Northern Mariana Islands which someone has decided to market differently (like .TV)

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