Google Adwords Bot Using Fake User Agent


So I'm working on trying to get a better handle on the new Adwords Quality changes and came across something very interesting this morning. I bought a new domain yesterday afternoon and last night created a landing page on it. I looked in the log file this morning and there were only 24 lines. Of those 18 were from my IP. The other 6 lines were from Google IP's, Now I'm aware that at some point all of the ads pass in front of human so one is a person the other is the adwords bot. According to Google the adwords bot uses [AdsBot-Google] as a user agent (see Adwords Support). Let me stress again this is a brand new domain with no external pre-existing links. The real clincher is the time of the first visit with the GoogleBot UA match almost exactly to when I submitted a new ad to adwords. You can see the sanitized logfile here.


Second Entry

The second entry from my file looks pretty similar to the WMW one and looks like the human review, the first is the one I'm pretty sure is the Adwords Bot. I created the page uploaded it, viewed it twice and the created the adwords ad. Looking at the entire logfile the time frames match perfectly for an automated visit when I submitted the ad right after uploading.

A cloaking I shall go, A

A cloaking I shall go, A cloaking I shall go, eeee iii a merrio a cloaking I shall go :)

Exactly Jason, My adwords

Exactly Jason,
My adwords quality is about to go through the roof when I change all my landing pages to my ranking pages and then redirect the visitors off the pages that actually convert.
I'm guessing arbitrage is back too

Cloaking towards Adwords

Cloaking towards Adwords bots. What has the world come to? I remember the good old days.

the good old days.... you

the good old days....
you mean 'adwords' before Google invented 'adwords select' and then retro branded that back into 'adwords'?

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