Yahoo! Want Some? Threadonholdwatch


Seen two threads at WMW go on hold in last half hour, both calling Y! update. Am only posting because I'm seeing some very new looking SERPS meself. Fun times.



not seeing anything here

I've had Slurp crawling sites almost 24/7 for the past few months and seeing no increase in indexed pages at all, was hoping when it happens to see a sharp increase in revenues...

Straight from the horses mouth

Weather Report: Yahoo! Search Index Update
Today, 10:47 AM
If you're tuning back in to the Searchblog after watching the World Cup, then you’re just in time for our first weather report of the summer!

We rolled out an index update last night. As usual, you may see some changes in ranking as well as some shuffling of the pages that are included in the index.

Remember, we recently beefed up our online help and resources, and the best way to provide us with feedback is via the online form.

They're Now Out Of The Traps

Crazy Posts

These are crazy results!! HAHAHA

I love it...

I just saw a porn site rank #1 for the name of a college :)

no weather report

Yahoo usually posts on their search blog tells you when they udpate and stuff... they didnt post anything :(

They did now.


Thank you sir :)

Pretty bad results

I've been following the results pretty closely and will likely be running some tests throughout the weekend. Overall, I'm really not impressed. The authorities promoted aren't very relevant for commercial searches, the blogs are still having a run of things, and the sites remaining are more brand-centric than product-centric. There will be debate about the last point, but when someone is searching for a "buy a purple widget" they probably want to buy one, not go to 4 different competitive brands for that widget that don't even offer to sell the widget.

BTW, this is at least the third weather update in a row that has come after the fact; they aren't exactly johnny-on-the-spot over there.


Watching the watching threads

Geesh.. how much worse can it get than a commentary mirror of a WMW "update watching" thread.


Not every post need be about business tactics and chunky analysis. Some can just be about, oh, I don't know, a key SE dropping in a large-scale index shuffle. Don't shoot the sub-messengers.

Brett actually pinged me about this - some bug with on-hold discussions, but that's by the by. I posted because I saw what looked to be a significant event that was yet to be reported elsewhere.

Yahoo Update

It would be great if people from TW can send me specific examples of queries where they are seeing issues or areas for improvement with the update. I will definitely have a look at them. Would be nice to hear about areas we have improved as well.

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