Gdrive turns into Platypus


Corsin Carmichael found what looks to be a test page for downloading GDrive.

Originally on, it has Google's online software suite published under the name "Platypus".

The page has now been removed, but you can find a copy here.


A platypus is an indigenous

A platypus is an indigenous Australian animal, related to the echidna. Its a monotreme - a mammal that lays eggs.

Google's new Sydney GooglePlex now has a contingent of serious hard core techie types - Google Maps was based on an Australian product - and those guys are working out of Sydney. Craig Silverstein (Technology Director & first Google employee after Larry & Sergey) has been here in Sydney for months too.

So with a code name like platypus - you'd have to assume Gdrive is being developed out of Australia....



Dunno. Have no idea why a

Dunno. Have no idea why a site dedicated to technology industry news - especially focused on search engines - would have any interest in developments by some company called Google...

With a name like Platypus

You could also assume Google's PhD mammals are laying an egg with this stupid project

It's a cross between a

It's a cross between a beaver and a duck. I've seen one.

Gdrive... that was about time. Bring it on.

But of course that will require a whole lot more machines

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