Predictions for 2005 - Where is Internet Marketing Headed?

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Buzz-Informed Predictions for 2005
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Pete Blackshaw has a small piece at clickz talking about the future of advertising and specifically, predictions for 2005 - The main points are:

  1. Blogs continue to trail blaze, monetization becomes key
  2. Cinema adds to get squeezed as consumer backlash breaks out
  3. Product placement makes it BIG as traditional ads continue to catch flak
  4. More integrated branding cock ups. TV ads failing to sync with the company website become more and more common
  5. Noisey ads get ditched in favor of sponsored quiet time: "this moment of silence was bought to you by..." :-)

So, with those general ad predictions out of the way, what do we think is in store for internet advertising / marketing in 2005?

Here's a couple off the top of my head:

  • Podcasting breaks all possible rules and becomes the no.1 viral ad form for companies aiming at the younger markets
  • Viral becomes much, much bigger
  • RSS ads: Overture's contextual RSS ads prove a success, google follows suit
  • Yahoo launch a contextual ad network
  • We see at least another 100 (well, maybe not..) contextual ad networks spring up and the 80/20 rule sets in leaving just Adsense, Overture and Kanoodle as the main players
  • Towards the end of the year, we see the first real examples of mobile advertisng that normal websites could use

Come on, embarrass yourself by trying to predict the future...


IMO: 1. RSS ads prove a hu


1. RSS ads prove a huge success
2. Video type Ads become the norm
3. New contextual ad networks spread like wild fire but dont take hold
4. Click fraud rises dramatically and webmasters rise up against the networks


RSS syndication explodes within the consumer market, as does an onset of advertising to go along with it.

MSN takes a large chunk of the search market share as a result of extensive online and offline advertising, as well as the intergration of MSN search with Longhorn.

Here are my bizzare predictio

Here are my bizzare predictions..

Microsoft Predictions:
Longhorn delayed
PPC in some form, look for integration with mobile, IM, smart-tags, toolbar and software rentals (ASP)

Enterprise moves. I recall they hired someone from BEA a few months ago. I want a enterprise search appliance powered by JCA to search documents, CRM systems etc -- all in one go.

More hand editing (or some human influence factor) of results

Google news goes into print form -- print your own newspaper from street side kiosks.

Google solves the 302 problem and rolls out a 128 bit docid which is so dense it does not store zeros. ;)

Huge mystery. Look for diversification into consumer related areas.

Can they survive or will Amazon buy them?

Overall: 2005 will be the year of relevance. Every search company will try hard to bring that into their mission and marketing statements.

video marketing

video marketing (aka internet commercials) accelerates exponentially.

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