Brands need to Follow Consumers - VC $$$'s fund Spam in 2005

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Where's venture capital headed in 2005? Spam, for starters
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SiliconBeat in the threadlink above discuss where VC money will be going next year. Spam (loose definition) is one key area as brands are forced to follow a TV abandoning consumer.

One VC from Mobius said:

Advertising as we have known it is over. Brand owners need to go where you are, and that isn’t on network television or the newspaper. In order to promote their brands and attract and maintain relationships with consumers, brand owners will have to come to you, on your wireless device, with your media stream, on your pc. In addition, they’ll have to follow you wherever you go -- into the retailer, the entertainment venue, or your place of business. As this revolution occurs, it will create huge opportunities for those companies who have created compelling in-venue experiences that can incorporate brand messages in a seamless manner. Also to benefit will be those companies who have created new and interesting ways to make brand advertising fun, unobtrusive, personalized, relevant, and continuing for the consumer.

It's an interesting read, and provokes speculation on where brand advertising is headed over the next few years.

Will we see brands die on TV and will they chase us wherever we go? Will it intude upon our online habbits and media consumption as it stands now?