Is Infoworld Google Newsworthy?


Perplexed that Infoworld's IT news stories appear in Google's web search but not in Google News, John Udell investigated Google's editorial and technical criteria for news inclusion.

According to Google News product manager Nathan Stoll, the omission is a technical problem rather than an editorial one. The Google News crawler, he says, is a very different beast from the regular Google crawler. And while the regular crawler happily includes our stuff, the news crawler -- for reasons as yet undetermined – doesn't.


They have requirements

There are strict requirements to get into Google News. The URLs have to be just right so that the Google crawler can handle them--and supposedly they must include numbers.

Several different SEO-related forums have covered the requirements, and yes, they're pretty strict. I would suspect that it would be better for Infoworld to make some changes to their site rather than waiting for Google News to include them...

Not much consistency

Some pretty shocking news sources have gotten in there whilst it seems good ones get denied all the time.

Too many links !

I had this problem as well - about Oct 2004, my site was dropped from Google News, and no matter how much pleading I did - it just wouldn't go back in.

"Google News is a Beta product - go away" being the usual reply.

Then, one day, I was doing some site design editing and accidentally cut the number of news articles on the front page significantly.

We reappeared in Google News within an hour.

Corrected the website error - and we vanished again.

So, some experimentation occured, and it seemed that there is (or was) a rather odd bug in Google News.

If you have too many links on your homepage (or the page it scans for news) then it seems to have a little wobble and cant cope with it.

We did a lot of experimenting - and for the site design we had - there was a limit of 11 news articles (in addition to all the usual navigation links). Once I went to 12 news articles, we would vanish from Google News.

Why Oct 2004 - well, I brought in an additional news feed then and that added 8 more stories per day to my front page.

Now, the limit seems to be better - as I am able to run far more stories on the front page of my site (although I also reduced the navigation links considerably).

However, this bug at Google may still exist - and a site such as Infoworld, which is very link rich on its front page may be over Googles limits.

Just my experience - the problem could be something totally different.

For the record - it took six months of begging Google to put us back in to their news pages before I found the solution - and it does annoy me that it was actually a bug at Google that caused this.

Yes, Google can and does

Yes, Google can and does have problems with some forms of syndication. On Platinax Google couldn't handle the links to the articles being in the article titles, for example. More info on Google news submission tips.

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