4 things that affect your quality score.


Bid prices killing your ROI? While not a full list, here are 4 things that may affect your quality score:

1. Not enought content.
2. The lack of a privacy policy.
3. No contact us page.
4. No external links to other related and useful webpages.

Heres the full thread at Bobo's place.


A good sensible to start to

A good sensible to start to add to any campaign

Missing Something

<removed original comment>

Thanks Jason sometimes I just lose my mind ...

Now I purposely didn't put

Now I purposely didn't put that in my comment GW :)

"no external links to other

"no external links to other related web pages"

I have issue with that one. If I'm paying to bring someone in the door, the last thing I'm gonna do is give them a link outside my site.

And if that is what Google is expecting, then I'll just make two sites for each campaign: one main landing page domain and he secondary domain redirecting to the first just to satisfy the phone jocks at google.

>>If I'm paying to bring

>>If I'm paying to bring someone in the door,...

Grnidone has gotten to the essential truth. I have a business rule which goes like this: when I am paying you that means you work for me, not the other way around. The only way Google will understand this is if you move your money away from Google to Google's competitors.

But there is only so much

But there is only so much money you can move away before you start lining your competitors pockets...especially when Google has the largest search marketshare.

Google has, in essence, made PPC more like SEO. Those who can figure out how to fit those algorithms get a discount. Those who do not pay a premium for their ignorance. Adapt or die, etc.

Need for competition

Which illustraits the need for a competative marketplace and not a trust where one company can fix prices.

I would also suggest that for many companies, shifting that money previously spent on Google PPC towards traditional, organic serp SEO and marketing by other means might be a better use of funds.

it's the same SEO, not like SEO

It's the same game, isn't it?

The SEs' aggregated web traffic via the portals and then monetization followed, providing big money/fast cash for those who participate. That was SEO.

Now Google has aggregated a portion of that traffic plus the voluntary content network, this time funneling it through a private monetization channel (AdSense/AdWords). Same money, tighter control, and a bigger profit share for Google. To the extent you can play that game, you do so through PPC expertise and SEO skills. In reality, isn't that just more Google Optimization?

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