New AdSense Feature - Site Diagnostics


Just looked up to see a new link in AdSense Reports tab - 'Site Diagnostics'. Not that there are any showing, but, if there were, they would be telling me what, when, why and how many failed crawl attempts there had been. Link


Wow, this sounds exciting

I look forward to seeing what they are going to show us.
Will it be individual urls, or just reporting whole sites that are 404?


I am so tempted to block some urls just to see how they handle it... but that would be too predictable

hmmm is that Google

hmmm is that Google Analytics expanding like?

Also, some of the sites that were on my AdSense acct no longer exist still the report shows me nothing about it. I wonder if they only gonna track sites you add since the introduction of this feature?

Nothing is showing on mine

Nothing is showing on mine either. I wonder if it is actually working yet?

Is this really new?

It shows 4 pages on mine, all blocked via robots.txt. Targeting however, is spot on.

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