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Hotmail Founder Has Lots More in Store
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Sabeer Bhatia, the guy who founded Hotmail and sold it to M$ is moving into the travel biz. He's launching, as one of five new startups to be rolled out over the next three months.

His "vertical, travel navigation engine" scours the Internet for hotel reviews and travel articles from major newspapers and travel magazines, and links to them on Hotseasons. In addition, as a way to "democratize" hotel ratings, the site recruits users to submit their own reviews, and hotels are ranked based on that feedback.

"I wanted to let the Internet vote as a whole," he said. "I'd rather read about what other people thought than what hotels think of themselves."

Man... community, citizen journalism, everything is moving in that direction and i know im not the only one to have even noticed a boost given by Google to user-contributed content sites...

Is anyone else as enthusiastic about this stuff as I am?


>> scours the Internet for ho

>> scours the Internet for hotel reviews and travel articles

Err .. scrapes reviews? Or is he turning into a travelocity / wct affiliate and reusing their reviews?

The reviews are tripadvisor...

Then he's got stuff from IAN (interactive affiliate network), and a few others. Then there's Adsense... So obviously the founder of hotmail sees the sense in affiliate marketing. ;)

Very interesting to see his o

Very interesting to see his other domain. Jeez .. he should have asked me. Could have turned him onto less competitive sectors like Amazon, with more memorable not-in-the-google-tarpit domains. :)

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