Oh no... Search Engine Watch are giving out Search Marketing Awards

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Search Engine Watch to Hold Search Marketing Awards
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You know, im fed up with prefacing posts about Jupiter/SEW with "I like danny sullivan but.." so im just going to stop now and hope he/you realize that ok? heh..

Well bugger me blind, SEW are to be giving out Search Marketing Awards - Eeeeeow! - Is it just me or does that fill anyone else with an overwhelming sense of fear and revulsion?

From Barry Schwartz's post threadlinked above:

The evening session with Danny Sullivan started off with a discussion about what categories would you want Search Engine Watch to use in determining the number and types of search marketing awards to give out. So basically, Danny Sullivan, in conjunction with Search Engine Watch and Jupiter Media will be holding a search marketing awards, just like the Webby Awards but focused on search marketing.

I suppose someone had to do it, and it might as well be SEW as i can hardly see WMW doing it, they'd have to link to other sites gasp, shock, horror! and no one else has the clout to carry it off...


I can just see it now...

..and now, ladies and gentleman. This years award for creative domain naming in pharma goes to oh-my-god-phentermine-viagra-sells-buys-cheap-fat-pills.us.com

...prolly not eh? More like it'll be a pat on the back for larger SEM firms and a bit of ego pampering like most other things of this nature..


And the acceptance speech....."I'd like to thank God, white hats, Canada, Mexico, Florida. And Mr Limbaugh".

And the winners...

...will come to the attention of that nice chap from Google that checks out sites that are brought to his attention..

..with the result that they will end up being banned from G when he sees all the nasty devious tricks they have been up to..

..so if you do own oh-my-god-phentermine-viagra-sells-buys-cheap-fat-pills.us.com then probably better off not getting onto the short list.

I'd pay for tickets if

anyone can pursuade Doug to present the 'Best Cloaking' award.

You will self-nominate yourself or nominate others

sounds a bit of a recipe for disaster either way.

Self nomination

You will self-nominate yourself

If there is a 'Most Ethical SEO' award, I wonder who is going to be the first of the 'self nominations' ;)

Not that it matters, cos I am going to vote for DaveN anyway.

This is bad, really bad....

This is bad, really bad....

Run for cover everybody

SEW is joining the white hats.


Im sure I posted an anwser to this one...

Here goes again:

If you look at the mod team over there you'll see it's predominantly white, with some notable exceptions. I think the bad boys and girls needed a place to hang out when wmw didnt fulfill their needs anymore and SEW took up the slack...

The notable exceptions better......

...look after their backs

As you say the bad boys/girls need a place to hang out - SEW was never going to be it IMHO.

F***ing corporate backing put paid to that before it even started and those who don't see that from the start need a good kicking.

More About The Awards

So we don't really know what the awards will be like yet. I actually announced back in summer at SES San Jose that the SES show itself would be doing some type of search marketing awards. Barry's reporting the news that I asked at this show for people during our evening forum to help contribute some comments and ideas on how those works.

We'd likely have categories like "best overall SEM campaign," "best SEO campaign," "best SE advertising campaign," and a few others. The idea is that you'd submit creative involved and some supporting material to explain what happened along with how the traffic converted -- lots of people in the audience along with me all agreed that would be essential.

It also seems likely we'll have different awards for those running large sites and small sites.

Judging remains to be determined. One challenge is that we'll need search marketers on the committee, so they wouldn't be able to enter, of course.

It's likely the judging committee will pick the winners, but attendees at SES may also be able to vote for a "best of show" from all the winners that would be posted along with supporting material.

That's top of my head stuff I recall from the discussion. The next step, when I get back (i'm still in Chicago) is to get a thread going on our forums so people can discuss and contribute more about the idea. I'm taking it slowly because it's going to be such a big deal to do awards -- I'd like as many people as possible to feel comfortable about how they are given out, the categories and so on.

Hopefully, the forums discussion will let people talk and help develop this more.

Now honestly, the awards probably won't help those running really black hat campaigns. That's because I doubt those who are would want to enter and have the attention focused on their sites. So the Threadwatch alternative awards may help fill that role. But the overall goal isn't to try and recognize particular SEM firms (in fact, we might even have an entire in house category), but instead to focus atttenion on SEM as a great marketing method.

And that's the scoop so far, Nick :)

Best Reporter

I think a nod to folks like Barry Schwartz (RustyBrick) and Andy Beal, for their SES and other SEO/SEM type conference coverage is worthy of a thought. They really provide a needed service and volunteer their time and own money at times to do so.

>It's likely the judging comm

>It's likely the judging committee will pick the winners

I nominate NFFC for Chief Justice.

It's a good idea Danny. ...Not much there of interest to the boys in the backroom, but the corporate-types like trophies/plaques/parchments.

Best Contextual Advertising 'Reporter'


Jen knows I don't pay attention much, so it's really the Best Keep RC In The Money Site but I think the domain was already taken.

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