- Party time again


Well, following the success of the last event in Camden, it's time for another gathering....

We've not got a definitive decision on the venue yet, but it'll be made this week. We are looking for sponsors though.... anyone who wants a grateful mention on, or anyone who'd like to donate anonymously, please feel free, and come forward to myself, or any of the londoneseo team :)

If you'd like to come along (it'll be in London, on the 3rd August), again just let us know for planning purposes, so we can warn wherever we descend on as to numbers


I will be there and looking

I will be there and looking forward to some great conversations and even a beer or two to go with the occasional cup of tea :)

I'll try and come along as well

I hope to be there.


Bout time I put some faces to the forum nicks. :)

BoBo the Twat

Just noticed this below one of the photos -
"Just a good old fashioned pubcon"
Tch Tch...Bobo the Twat will be after you (again?)
Just remind him of the UK registered company called Pub Con Ltd which pre-dates the lot of you.

This one is being "promoted"

This one is being "promoted" as the August Spectacular - I do remember the tribulations last time, and I have no wish to repeat them. I actually quite like Brett, and have no wish to add to his woes, and there's no need to use the PubCon name if there's any potential for problems.

Also, I'd like to announce that we have a venue sorted. The chosen ground is Waxy's Little Sister, at 20 Wardour Street, right by Leicester Square, who have a very nice upstairs sofa bar area, incorporating a pulley system to bring your orders up from the bar!

We're still looking for some more sponsorship though - you don't have to give a lot, but anything would be appreciated

BoBo's Ok

I agree, although its not a popular concept round her, but I was just a little irritated by the PubCon fuss last time round given that its not an original name.

As an amendment, I think the

As an amendment, I think the right address is 3 Lisle Street, not the Wardour Street address I gave above. The 2 properties are within sight of each other, so it shouldn't prove a real problem - just remember it's Waxy's Little Sister, NOT Waxy O'Connors

OK, one last update....

OK, one last update.... we've got a couple of sponsors, so there's some readies for the early birds... arrive early to avoid disappointment. We've got the place to ourselves from 5 until 9, let's make the most of it

I assume I'll be seeing all of you there?

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